Grey Reef Anglers

Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile North Platte River

Smashed between two huge reservoirs, Pathfinder and Seminoe, this tailwater looks and fly fishes much like a great western free-stone river.

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Miracle Mile Fly Fishing Report

Seems like every guide boat we send to the Mile the customers come back with pictures of fly fishing pr’s and stories of huge trout.

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Trophy Trout Trips Casper Fly Fishing

What is the Grey Reef Anglers Trophy Trout Trip? It is a 16 hour day, action packed fly fishing expedition designed for hard core fly fishermen.

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Grey Reef Guided Float Trips

Grey Reef Anglers Our Wyoming fly fishing guides are some of the most experienced and best fishing guides on the Grey Reef.

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Grey Reef Anglers Lodge & Guide Service

We provide world class fly fishing float trips, upland bird hunting, and full service lodging for our customers. Grey Reef fly fishing trips include guided float trips for trophy trout on the Grey Reef.

North Platte River

Our Cabelas Endorsed Wingshooting Hunts include options for both waterfowl hunting and upland bird hunting for up to 6 species of game birds.

GREY REEF ANGLERS LODGE & GUIDE SERVICE 2014 National Outfitter of the Year has been featured on Trout TV, Wingshooting USA, ABC Sports, and is endorsed by Hunt The North, Sportsmans Warehouse, Cabelas Company w/WTA Worldwide Trophy Adventures.

The Grey Reef and Miracle Mile tail water sections of the North Platte River arguably the best fly fishing in Wyoming right out our back door. Our trout pictures speak for themselves about Wyoming trout size, abundance, and our guides experience level. This is the place to fly fish for legendary trout on a relatively quiet river. Full service lodging over looking the “Narrows” portion of the North Platte River, guided North Platte River fishing float trips with Private Access, and Private Boat Ramps that keep you away from anyone else, and the very best Grey Reef guide staff ready to show you a great time! Experience the thrill of a Grey Reef rainbow rising to eat your dry fly, or monster North Platte River brown trout eating your streamer!

“This is the river that guides themselves come to fly fish for trophy trout” Wayne Egbert (Guide), Big Horn River, Montana.

Grey Reef Anglers

Grey Reef Anglers
Focus & Philosophy

What separates Grey Reef Anglers is that we employ a bunch of guides that CARE more about the CUSTOMER than themselves.

Also what distinguishes Grey Reef Anglers is our Wyoming fly fishing guides experience level on multiple bodies of water, not just the upper 8 miles of the N. Platte River below Gray Reef Dam.

Our fly fishing guides have intimate knowledge

You’ll find our guides to be prompt, hard working, and prepared to show you a great time! Our guides will do their best to put your fly in the right spot every time. Another huge advantage we offer is Private Access and exclusive North Platte River fishing areas. Including Private Boat Ramps, River Front Lodging, & Trophy.

Trout Pond combine all that and our fly fishing guides’ willingness to customize your trip package and its a recipe for success.

Grey Reef Anglers

Trophy Trout Trips
Casper Fly Fishing

What is the Grey Reef Anglers Trophy Trout Trip? It is a 16 hour day, action packed fly fishing expedition designed for hard core fly fishermen.

This trip package is the best package for the absolute die hard fly fishermen looking for some concentrated time targeting big trophy trout; those are trout exceeding the 25 inch mark.

You can expect to float multiple stretches of river

Breakfast lunch and dinner are eaten on the river and are all included. Best time of year for these trips is July through November.

Your guide Jason Ostrander is a native of Wyoming and has been a guide for the past 10years. Jason first began his guide career at age 21 working for GW Peterson Outfitting in northern Colorado.

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Grey Reef Anglers Client Feedback

“I’ve fished with Jason and crew many times over the years and I always come back as I know I will get a consistently top-notch experience. These guys are hard core fishermen like me, and they work hard to put you on the fish, whether it’s sunny and 80 degrees, or snowing with wind and -10 degrees. Their knowledge of the North Platte system is unsurpassed. Oh, and it helps that the North Platte is one if the finest fisheries in the country, hands down. I will be a Grey Reef customer and friend for life”.

Grey Reef Anglers

Doug Benson

“When comparing outfitters in the area we chose Grey Reef Anglers for several reasons, #1 they have a tremendous return client base which speaks volumes about their services, and on their fishing report they actually post photos of fish caught that day which adds a lot of validity to the report. If you look back over the past fishing posts for the season the sheer volume of big fish photos, revealed to us that they are the ones we wanted to book with”.

Grey Reef Anglers

Jim Picardi – Colorado

“Hey just wanted to thank you again for a great trip down the river. Roger had a blast and can’t stop talking about those gummy bears. That awesome brown raised some eyebrows too. We hope to see you again for a trophy trip real soon. Let us know when you think it would be a good time to book.”

Grey Reef Anglers