Miracle Mile Fly Fishing Float Trips

Miracle Mile Float Trips Wyoming

Wyoming fly fishing float trips on the Miracle Mile section of the North Platte River is very different than the Grey Reef section, a real adventure. The water at the Miracle Mile is much faster and more rocky, and has a few different hatches. Fly fishing the Miracle Mile section gives the angler some great scenery and great trout fishing at the same time.

Fly fishing trips to the Miracle Mile will consist of both wade fishing and drift boat fishing. The Miracle Mile consists of many islands and side channels that are perfect for pulling the drift boat over and getting out to wade fish. Due to fluctuating flows, these islands can be secluded and you will often have them all to yourself providing solitude, scenery, and great Wyoming fly fishing.

The big attraction at the Miracle Mile is the Kortes Canyon or Miracle Mile Canyon depending on who you ask or what map you have. This short canyon stretch is home to over 3200 fish per mile, and includes Yellowstone cutthroats, rainbows, and two strains of Brown Trout including the Ochrid Brown, originally from Ochrid Lake in former Yugoslavia. This canyon also offers some of the best dry fly fishing in Wyoming due to several big hatches including Golden stone flies, Caddis, Yellow Sally’s, Tricos, and PMD’s.

The Miracle Mile fly fishing trip is a great compliment to those clients fishing with us for multiple days as you get to experience the vast contrast between Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile. With that said we take adventurous newcomers to the Miracle Mile upon request and they tend to catch just as many trout as on the Grey Reef.