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Grey Reef Guided Float Trips

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Grey Reef Anglers  Our Wyoming fly fishing guides are some of the most experienced and best fishing guides on the Grey Reef. and nick at rampyears of  You will find yourself relaxing and fly fishing while your Grey Reef guide works hard and rows you over the best spots to catch trout, including all the famous holes. Our North Platte River guides know the water and the topography under the surface, which equates to you being put in the best spot for success while fly fishing in Wyoming. These guides have as much time on the water as anyone and work together sharing information to make your day successful. Guided float trips give you great fly fishing access to sections of the river that are not accessible by foot. Wyoming Fly Fishing Float trips are great for both the beginner and the most experienced fly fisherman.

kkk Depending on river flows, our guided float trips range from 8 to 22 river miles. Your Grey Reef Anglers Wyoming fly fishing guide will share his extensive knowledge of the North Platte River and put you on the trout. Our guides pride themselves on being excellent oarsman and will allow you to achieve wonderful drifts. Great Wyoming fly fishing and wildlife viewing make float trips both peaceful and exciting. Click for Lodging.

uOur North Platte River guided float trips take place on StealthCraft drift boats and accommodate 2 fishermen and 1 guide. Experience fly fishing in Wyoming in the best atmosphere possible.

Grey Reef Anglers – What is expected of my guide?


Your Wyoming fly fishing guide can be expected to show up on time with a clean drift boat and a great attitude. He will rig your fly rod for the day or assist you if you want to rig your own. Your guide will share his knowledge base of rigging, knots, fly selection, and fly fishing techniques. A friendly, patient, and professional guide will take the time to answer any questions on game hunting and fly fishing in Wyoming.

Your Wyoming fly fishing guide will not just have the knowledge to put you in the right spot for success but will have that great personality to make your day both enjoyable and productive.


Miracle Mile during 2010 High Water 10kcfs

Grey Reef Anglers

North Platte River Float Trip Prices

Grey Reef Section – Full Day Float 1-2 people $550/boat includes lunch, flies, rods.
Miracle Mile Section – Full Day Float 1-2 People – $625/boat includes lunch, flies, rods.

Day Trips include lunch, transportation to and from lodging and fly fishing gear including rods if needed, flies…does not include guide tip

What to Bring on Your North Platte River Grey Reef Fly Fishing Trip?


Clients Bring with you:
Camera, Polarized Sun Glasses, Warm and Cold weather clothing, a wind breaker, a hat to help shield the sun, Sun Screen, Waders (seasonal), Fly Rod (we can provide if needed), Rain Jacket, fingerless gloves (seasonal), and anything else you think you might need while boating.

Grey Reef Anglers Provides:
Transportation to and from your accommodations (airport shuttle if needed)
Lunch and Beverages on all full day trips, Half day trips bring their own lunch
Rods, Reels and Flies
All other tackle needed (split shot, etc…)


Fly Rod Suggestions:
A Wyoming fly fishing guide from Grey Reef Anglers would suggest a 9′ 6wt Rod equipped with a floating line for nymph fishing for the Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Section of the North Platte River. Our streamer fishing can be done on the same rod, or we can suggest a 9′ 7wt Rod with a floating or sink tip line. A softer action 9′ 5wt Rod for dry flies rounds out the requirements for a completely enjoyably time fly fishing in Wyoming.

Call us for trip details as well as flight info for Casper International Airport

Best time of year to fly fish Wyoming and suggested Fly Fishing Patterns by season for Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile sections of the North Platte River, Casper, Wyoming

Flies for the Grey Reef spring season!

Gray Reef Spring Fishing Season: March – May By far the best overall time of year for numbers of trout to the net. Unpredictable weather, but who cares when your catching that many trophy trout!
Tan,Olive, Orange, Pink Scuds 12-16
Red and Black Midges, sizes 18-22
Blue Winged Olive May fly Patterns, sizes 16-18
Red Larva Lace Worm sizes 12-16
Pine Squirrel Leech Patterns sizes 12-14
Egg Patterns

scottscuttyGrey Reef Summer Fishing Season: June – August

Weather is much nicer and dry fly fishing is great, especially the hoppers!
Great time for huge trout on streamers as well.
Yellow Sally Stone Fly’s nymphs sizes 14-18
Golden Stone 4-8
BWO’s sizes 16-18
Leaches 12-14
Cream Caddis sizes 14-16
Trico Dry Fly sizes 18-22
Hopper Patterns Various Big size Streamers


Grey Reef Fall Fishing Season: October-November

The forgotten season that produces huge fish and again big numbers of trout. The big attraction of coarse is the brown trout spawning and the great streamer action as a result.

A Wyoming fly fishing guide will recommend a combination of all of the above fly patterns for fall, depending on how early or late in the fall your Wyoming fly fishing trip is.

BIG SCUDS & Leeches
Bring your monster streamer box to make the most of fly fishing in Wyoming!
The fall on the North Platte River is the season for big brown trout so bring your 7wt rod if possible.

These are just some of the fly patterns we suggest, your guide has special flies that he ties himself and he will know the exact flies that are producing the most and make sure your rigged for success.

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