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Grey Reef Anglers Focus & Philosophy

With Us

Fong_Brown_4What separates Grey Reef Anglers is that we employ a bunch of guides that CARE more about the CUSTOMER than themselves.  Its all about having FUN and catching FISH and learning more.

Also what distinguishes Grey Reef Anglers is our Wyoming fly fishing guides experience level on multiple bodies of water, not just the upper 8 miles of the N. Platte River below Gray Reef Dam. Our fly fishing guides have intimate knowledge of all sections of the North Platte River including the world famous Miracle Mile Section, and are willing to take you to where the fly fishing is best, not just what’s easiest for the guide. You’ll find our guides to be prompt, hard working, and prepared to show you a great time! Our guides will do their best to put your fly in the right spot every time. Another huge advantage we offer is Private Access and exclusive North Platte River fishing areas. Including Private Boat Ramps, River Front Lodging, & Trophy Trout Pond combine all that and our fly fishing guides’ willingness to customize your trip package and its a recipe for success. Having private North Platte River access gives you and your fly fishing guide the flexibility to stay ahead of any crowd (Private Boat Ramps) and customize your fly fishing trip with solitude in mind. If you don’t want to be on the water at 6 AM, and you want to stay out till 10 PM for the evening Caddis hatch – great! We are NOT necessarily on a set lodge schedule and as conditions change on the river so can our plans for your fly fishing vacation. We even have a guide package for those die hard fly fishermen who want to fish every minute of daylight, Trophy Trips.