Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile North Platte River

With great dry fly fishing and fantastic scenery the Miracle Mile really has it all. Smashed between two huge reservoirs, Pathfinder and Seminole, this tailwater looks and fly fishes much like a great western free-stone river.

Depending upon Pathfinder Reservoir levels, fly fishing float trips range between 5 and 12 miles. The “Miracle Mile” coined by famous broadcaster Curt Gowdy on the American Sportsman consists of fast rapid white water coming out of Kortes Dam and the beautiful Miracle Mile Canyon in the upper section which gradually gives way to slower water on the lower section, both full of big trout.

The Miracle Mile Canyon or Kortes Canyon depending on what map you have is absolutely a must see while on a fly fishing vacation in Wyoming. The canyon is a short river stretch that can be floated and has some white water and some very nice runs all filled with trout.

The Miracle Mile doesn’t have any boat ramps but the guides at Grey Reef Anglers spend more time than any other outfitter working the Miracle Mile and we know the best launch points for our drift boats. In addition our guides have the big water experience to keep you safe and put you in position to catch a bunch of big trout. Don’t be fooled by other outfitters advertising trips to the Miracle Mile as many of their guides don’t even know the launch points let alone where to fish.

Just make sure you do your homework before you book your trip no matter who you go with, this isn’t a place for a rookie oarsman or guide as flows the past few years have at times eclipsed 10,000cfs and experienced Miracle Mile guides are a must.

Wyoming Game and Fish biologists electro shock

Every year the Miracle Mile produces some truly amazing trout. Wyoming Game and Fish biologists electro shock the Miracle Mile each year, trout numbers are about 3200 fish per mile, and each year they shock brown trout that exceed 10 pounds. Every year a few of our clients tie into one of these monsters and land trophy trout of a lifetime. Pound for pound the trout at the “Mile” might be the best fighting trout you will ever encounter.

Aquatic life at the Miracle Mile is prolific and diverse. A summer hatch of giant golden stone flies leads to some fantastic dry fly fishing, if you have a guide that knows the river! Check out our fishing report for the latest conditions and fly fishing reports. Other hatches include caddis, pmd’s, bwo’s, yellow sally stone flies and midges. If you have never fly fished the Miracle Mile book a float trip and see what all the fuss is about.