Guided Walk-Wade Trips

Guided Walk-Wade Trips Grey Reef Section North Platte River

Grey Reef Anglers Wade Fishing the North Platte River w/Private River Access.

North Platte River wade fishing trips on the Grey Reef are a great way to increase your skills as a fly fisherman. Your Grey Reef Anglers Wyoming fly fishing guide will teach you what fly fishing is about as you are instructed on how to achieve a great drift, without the aid of the drift boat. With the instruction of your guide you will go over how to read the North Platte River water, choose the correct rod, select the right flies to match the hatch, mend correctly, and learn about the various rigs you can use in each unique river situation. You will do the fly fishing as your guide helps you understand techniques and tips to catch trout. These trips can be a real confidence booster and great learning experience for all skill levels as you learn the art of fly fishing in Wyoming.

Guided Walk Wade Trip: $625/full day for 1-2 people includes lunch, flies

Double Hookup in the spring!

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