Hunting Report

Wyoming Upland Game Bird Hunting Report

8/7/15 Crazy numbers of Huns this year, I’m seeing coveys of 15-20 young birds with the hens, dividends from the big spring rains are showing up now! Should be a fantastic 2015 upland bird season…note we have just a couple slots left for Sage Grouse Season, they wont last.

2/7/15 Few Specks, Honkers, Snows piling into hunting grounds. With the warm weather we are seeing some northerly push of geese. Most of the birds are stopping and sticking around, our total goose numbers according to the local biologists right now are, Light Geese 210,000…Dark Geese 14,000. This crazy warm weather will no doubt increase Snow Goose numbers drastically over the next week, gonna be great!

Waterfowl Guide Danny Upton Reports back from the field today with good action the hunters have had multiple volleys of groups of Snows finished at 15yards! Danny has been running a small but very mobile spread comprised of mainly full bodies, snow, blue, and honker mixed spreads. Danny says the vortex machines are coming in handy as he hasn’t had much wind last two days.

Kansas Hunts start off with a Banded Goose!

2/3/15 Kansas Hunts start off with a Banded Goose!…Congrats to Ben & Rick from Nebraska drove down for a two day hunt and on day one they shot a banded Canada Goose, hunting conditions were anything but great but we managed 11 birds on day 1 and had chances at some Specklebelly Geese but didn’t quite connect, with this extremely warm weather I expect the overall goose numbers in our area to skyrocket, we already have over 210k Snows here now along with another 30k Dark Geese, this week should be awesome! I have February 19 available this month for a hunt, just call us.

Spring Snow Goose Hunts

1/24/15 Spring Snow Goose Hunts available starting Feb. 1…call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 for details on Goose Hunts for Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Warm weather brings in new birds

1/22/15 Warm weather brings in new birds…with the recent warm up we are seeing new birds arrive from the south

This happens every season and the honker hunts get so much better as the season extends to Feb. 15th.
We have just a couple dates available, they are Feb. 5-11 for Wyoming Canada Goose Hunts.
Kansas combination Goose Hunts availability Feb. 4,5,6,19, this includes dark geese and Snows.
March Spring Snow Goose hunts for Nebraska have a couple prime spots open, March 5-8, 12,13,16-20.

We have just a couple dates available

1/21/15 FEW HONKER HUNTS STILL AVAILABLE…As you can see we are having great success on our Canada Goose Hunts, limits across the board is about all you can ask for, couple that with some warm weather and the birds have been decoying great! After a ong spell of snow covering the corn fields the geese have been on the feed with a vengence, finishing big flocks of geese to within ten yards of the pit will flat get your heart pumping! Call us for availability at 307-267-2559 and book your hunt today!

1/18/15 SNOW GOOSE SEASON BEGINS FEB. 1…We have just 6 days left to book for the February 2015 Spring Snow Goose Season, some dates in March still OPEN, get with us asap to get your booking in for the 2015 Spring Snow Goose Season, Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or shoot us an email at

11/30/14 Duck Numbers on the Rise…We have some availability for a few Duck Hunts or Duck/Goose Combo Hunts here in December, mostly Mallards, Widgeon, Green Wing Teal, and Big Canada Geese being harvested. We are hunting out of Heated Pit Blinds or Heated Boat Blinds on water. We also have combo Hunts available for late season Upland Game Birds including wild Hungarian Partridge and Chukar. Give Jason or Judi a call for details at 307-267-2559

11/13/14 Cold Weather arrives, upland birds bunch up and provide great hunting opportunity…just finished two of the coldest guide days I can remember, minus 30 windchills but my customer Jeff Stopa from Michigan was a real hunter that stuck it out and he got in on some fantastic shoots. First day we put up 5-6 coveys of Huns, about 60 birds in all, one covey was over 30birds, certainly the weather has these birds congragated, and yes we took full advantage! Hunts for Wild Huns and Wild Chukar are available and we have some dates open thru mid December…call Jason at 307-267-2559
Customer Steve Shelton with a bounty of wild Huns!

11/8/14 Combo Hunt Days are Here…Its that time of year where we are able to put customers on a whale of a combination style hunt, pictured left are two such clients Brandon & Reggie from Minnesota posing with 4 Hungarian Partridge, 1 Pheasant, and 8 Ducks including Green Wing Teal, Mallards, & Widgeon, all taken on the same hunt Day!
Combination Hunts…

11/1/14 Weather is finally cooling down, bird hunting has been fantastic!
We have a couple slots left for November hunts which could include Blue Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, and Chukar, ALL WILD BIRDS.
2 day hunt 3nights lodging with meals $1600/person based on dual occupancy Call 307-267-2559

Hunting the last few weeks

10/13/14 Hunting the last few weeks has been nothing short of outstanding…Wild bird numbers are great this year with the better prairie grasses compared to last season. Covey sizes on Hungarian Partridge are all 15-25birds strong, thats a big jump campared to last season as well. Our customers are taking advantage of the 30 square mile Private Ranch Lease we have at our disposal. Wild Chukar numbrs are up slightly from last season with the largest coveys we’ve seen in years, ended yesterdays hunt on a covey of over 30 Chukar. Our weather has been in the mid 60’s to low 70’s and is perfect for upland bird hunting, keep in mind we have Cast and Blast packages available…call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 for bookings and come experience a very unique getaway!

Bird Hunting Season is underway and hunters

9/19/14 Bird Hunting Season is underway and hunters are having great hunts for Wild Huns, Grouse, & Chukar…Wild bird numbers looking great, We have just two openings in September for hunters as of right now…it is Sept. 25th, 30th, this hunt could include Sage Grouse or any other wild bird hunt we offer. These openings is for up to 4 hunters but could be filled with a single. October/November in my opinion is a much better time to hunt as the weather cools down for dogs and birds are more concentrated, every year we have some of our best hunts all the way up to Thanksgiving. We have 5 Upland bird guides all with teams of dogs, client dogs are welcome, give us a shout and we can get you upland bird hunt booked today! Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Wild Wyoming Upland Bird Hunting

8/14/14 Wild Wyoming Upland Bird Hunting a unique and very diverse adventure…Consider arriving on a wild bird hunt unlike anything you have ever experienced, new terrain, wide open prairie, and beautiful mountain vistas…not to mention 5 species of upland birds to hunt, our fastest growing hunt is a 3day combo hunt for Hungarian Partridge, Blue Grouse, and Grey Partridge aka Chukar. Throw in a 30+square mile private ranch, great pointing dogs, and a robust wild bird population and its a recipe for the most diverse and unique upland bird hunt you may have ever experienced. AUGUST is here and we are excited to tune up the guide dogs and get ready, season opener is Sept. 1, and this might just be the year you want to spice things up a bit and add us to your hunts this fall, my personal favorite time to hunt this is the month of November, air temps in the 50’s, and the hunting is at its best. Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 for details.

Crop of Upland Birds looks great!

7/21/14 This years Crop of Upland Birds looks great! I have been guiding birds in this area for 12years, lived in Wyoming my entire life, this is the best the prairie grass has ever looked. Timely rains and the perfect amount of sunshine has grown prairie grasses as tall as my knee. This has translated to many upland birds including Hungarian Partridge and Chukar with the perfect balance of food and water, the cover should allow the young birds good overhead cover to avoid raptors…we don’t know yet if the birds will be as plentiful as in 2011 but things are looking real good! The very best time to enjoy our hunting in my opinion is November, the weather is perfect for hunting, alot of days in the mid 50’s and as we get cooler weather the birds tend to start to group up into bigger covey sizes…for availability and booking call 307-267-2559.

6/4/14 THE 2014 UPLAND BIRD SEASON FORECAST LOOKS GOOD! Wyoming has received the perfect amount of moisture and sunshine this spring, we are into the most critical two week period for Huns & Chukar and NO hail storms to report and the forecast looks fantastic for recruitment…This spring reminds me of the spring of 2011 when we had record numbers of Wild Hungarian Partridge, last year we notice far more Wild Chukar than in years past. I’m super excited for the Sept. 1 opener, we have some slots open for this fall, but many dates are full, get with us as soon as possible and take full advantage of the most unique wild bird hunting you will experience, Huns, Chukar and 3 species of Grouse…

4/26/14 Upland Bird Hunting Forecast looks good…We had good moisture this winter and it has been fallowed up by a very mild spring, this will be real good for hatch conditions as the cheat grass looks great and the prairie ponds are all full. We look forward to another great bird season for Huns, Blues, and Chukar. This looks to be for sure the last Sage Grouse Season for good, despite stable populations in Wyoming of this iconic western bird it is sad to say the federal listing of the Sage Grouse looks to be eminate. We only have a couple spots for this hunt available so get with us soon.
If you love hunting over good pointing dogs and enjoy the thrill of covey birds like Huns then we are your choice for a western bird hunt unlike anything you have experienced, up to 5 species of Upland Game Birds in a 3-4day hunt available. Call Jason or Judi for details at 307-267-2559 Click here or on the photo to see a clients perspective on the hunting we offer.

3/18/14 Snow Geese moving fast, hunting up and down with the weather…To say the weather dictates everything with snow geese is an understatement. Our hunting has been fantastic when the winds are above 15mph and just plain slow when we have had no wind. Best day so far is 63 snows on the ground, worst day was a blank. We have had hunts all over the board from 27 birds with one gunner to hunt totals of 24 birds for 5 guns. Fact is snow geese are not easy and anyone that says they are is mistaken. We finished up Kansas and are hunting Nebraska now, migration is as far north as North Dakota, and we are seeing dwindelling numbers here in Nebraska, we will be moving to SoDak this next week for sure. Give us a call for day by day reports and we will give you the info as we see it unfold. Been a strange year with bad weather holding the migration tight and then when things broke loose the birds moved like lightning! We are still taking booking for South Dakota, open dates available, our spread consists of 50 flappers, 6 vortex machines, 1500 sillos and full bodies mixed, 2 sound systems, 8 speakers. We flat out put the windshield time in and scout, scout, and scout more and then diploy and you reap the benefits.
Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

3/4/14 Weather stalls migration, packs snow geese at snowline! We are hunting the snow line and the snow goose roost that we are hunting now holds over 1/2million snow geese according to local biologists, another 750,000+ in the area, thats 1.5million snows in our hunt area. The massive roost can be heard in the mornings from over 5 miles away, quite impressive. Hunting has been up and down which pretty much sums up snow goose hunting as a whole. Our guides are enjoying some morning shoots that have guys ripping through shot shells as fast as they can reload, other shoots are leaving us feeling schooled by a bird with a brain the size of a walnut. Never the less we are absolutely having a fantastic spring snow goose season, the spread we are running is complete with 1200 sillo decoys, 120 full bodies, 6 vortex machines and about 50 flying flapper decoys, take all that and add in two sound systems and 8 speakers and you have a recipe for success.
Availability: Nebraska Hunts March 11,12,13, 17,18, 20-23, South Dakota March 26-31, April 1-4, 7-14
Give Jason or Judi a call 307-267-2559 book your trip today.

2/23/14 Morning shoot in Kansas today 8 birds in the bag to start our day and ended the day with 16 snows and blues on the ground. This Father and son combo hunted snows for the first time and haven’t hunted together since 1993, they both harvested thier first ever snow geese and were excited about a return hunt. A great day out! Some might say 16 birds is weak but we do not look at our success only based on numbers, so much of hunting is the experience and what you get out of it, sure we would love to have 40 on the ground today but snows_kansasthe birds didn’t give up that many, but thier is always the anticipation of tomorrow and what it will bring, NO two days are ever exactly the same. Thats why we love the challenge of decoying snow geese down to close range 15yards! Check back for more updates. Kansas Snow Goose Hunts.

2/18/14 Snow Goose Migration Alert! Yes we hit over 70degrees today in Kansas, ice on the lakes is melting fast should be fully open by the weekend. NEW snow geese arriving into our area daily, we are decoying Snow Geese as close as 10yards on some groups, majority of our shooting the last few days has been under 35yards, a true testinment to birds confidently tricked into our decoy spreads. It also helps hat for weeks now we have yet to even see another decoy spread in the area, YEA, I like hunting low pressure birds, don’t feel like they are near as edging. You can have Mound City, or the main hunt areas along the I-80 corridor and keep them we are finding areas birds are not being hunted at all except by us and our customers.
Available dates by state: Kansas Feb. 21,23-27, Nebraska March 3-6, 11-13, 16-23 South Dakota March 25-April 4, April 7-11.

2/9/14 Electric Call Season Starts Tomorrow!!
That right folks we are juiced to turn on the electric calls and get some snow geese down in our faces! Tomorrow kicks off the elctric call season for Kansas, we have these dates open for Kansas electric call season Feb. 12-14, 16, 19-25…Yes we are hunting Snows right now in Kansas and with this weeks forecast the numbers of Snow Geese in our area will for sure build to over 200 thousand Snows, Blues, and Ross geese. Temps mid week suppose to be in the mid 50’s for 7days straight!
Pictured left here is “Mia” on a solid retrieve in Kansas a couple days ago
Mia on retrieve.

Kansas Snow Goose Hunts

2/4/14 The Kansas Snow Goose Hunts have been going good considering the conditions…Today 40mph+winds, blowing and drifting snow, but a great day for hunting as we had a father son pair in the field and they shot thier first ever snow geese! We had a good bit of shooting today and the snow geese are here and I predict that the conditions will only get better as the weather now begins to give way and warmer conditions will soon bring even more birds up from the south…

Some perspective clients can’t believe we are shooting snow geese in Kansas this early but fact is that we have had good numbers of birds to hunt for weeks and we will continue to hunt these very low pressure areas as long as they hold birds and we are being successful. The snows decoyed especially well today, finished a lot of groups of over 100birds to 20yards, great range for spring snows, proving that yes you can finish snows over decoys. Call us now and get your spring hunting fired up! Catch Jason out of the fields on the phone in the evenings or talk to Judi during the day while we are hunting.307-267-2559

We are finally winding down on one of our best upland seasons yet

1/30/14 we are finally winding down on one of our best upland seasons yet. I don’t feel bad saying that we have some of the best clients around, and the friendships we make with them are what keep us so excited to do this job year after year. Just because we are finishing our upland season doesn’t mean we are slowing down, infact we are kicking our waterfowl into overdrive. we have been having good success on our Torrington hunts, especially the all day hunts, but now we are pushing into Kansas as well to chase some snows. Dates are filling up fast for the spring season so give us a call and get your dates booked today.

Package deal for Snow Goose Hunters

1/25/14 Package deal for Snow Goose Hunters, 3day hunt/$450/person minimum 2 people…call Jason at 307-267-2559 and book today.

Open dates for Spring Snow Goose hunts

1/22/14 Open dates for Spring Snow Goose hunts are Feb 1-3, 7-15, 19-28, March 3-7, 9-13, 16-30.
Booking a lot of hunts for 2014, if u want the same dates you had last year you need to get with us soon.

Our Kansas Hunts

1/18/14 Our Kansas Hunts are starting Feb. 1…waterfowl hunts for Specklebelly Geese, Canada Geese, and Snow Geese all available for that first week of February 2014 for anyone looking for some late winter fast action hunting. Refuge counts as of today are increasing and with the warm weather water is open, Canada Geese count is 40,000+, Snows 225,000, and Specks at 5-7000 birds. These numbers are going to just increase with the 10day forecast looking warm, lots of mid 50’s!! Call Jason at 307-267-2559

Wyoming Canada Goose Hunts

1/17/14 Wyoming Canada Goose Hunts are up and down with success depending on conditions…we experienced 50-60mph winds yesterday and the geese coming off the refuge simply didn’t fly for the most part, prior to the influx of wind we had two groups fly by, finished one group and the clients shot two birds, the other group didn’t commit. In all my guide career the winds we experienced in Torrington yesterday were the worst winds I’ve ever seen! Looked like a dust storm in a desert.

Grey Reef Wingshooting 2014 National Outfitter of the Year through …Read…

Dan Wennerlind of Hunt the North spent two days hunting upland birds with us recently and got a good taste of what we have in the form of Wild Upland Bird Hunting…Read…

12/23/13 Good Goose Hunting Right Now…Plenty of geese have migrated into our hunt area and the hunting is good…Lots of geese using both refuge systems, I was driving home the other day and saw many fields loaded up with 500-1000geese each. The best hunting I think is yet to come but for now we have plenty of geese to hunt. Heated Pits with 5 hunters per pit, we don’t mix groups and we will take singles, call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559, don’t forget to book your Spring Snow Goose Hunt asap as dates are filling up. This year available from Feb. 1 to April 10th. Call for details

Waterfowl pour in, upland bird hunting

12/8/13 Waterfowl pour in, upland bird hunting is awesome, snow goose hunts on deck…Cold snap has ducks and geese sitting most of the day on the river, afternoon flights have been the best. I spent last week hunting upland birds for myself in Montana and Wyoming,the hunting was fantastic! I had so much fun hunting over my pointing dogs, reallydid well on Sharp Tail Grouse and shot a few Huns as well, could have had a lot of pheasant shot but spent the majority of my time chasing the sharptails. Only downer was two of my pointing dogs got a face full of porky pine quills, fortunately evrything came out and no swelling! Waterfowl Hunts in Kansas…our late winter early spring hunts for Canada Geese, Specklbelly Geese, and Snow Geese will begin Jan. 25th…get in on this awesome two month hunt period in which we hunt dark geese and light geese at the same time, last year this hunt was fantastic…check out this link for more details KANSAS GOOSE HUNTS

Late Season Hungarian Partridge & Wild Chukar Hunts

11/20/13 Late Season Hungarian Partridge & Wild Chukar Hunts…
We are finally going to get some colder weather this week, onlyfor a couple days, high back into the 40’s by Monday, perfect for upland hunting. We do hunts all the way into late January, I just loaded up a new you-tube video here that shows a late January hunt last year for Huns & Chukar. The video gives you an idea of how nice it can be even in late January. Fact is we live in a desert here and we receive very little snow and what snow does fall here melts fast in December and January making for some great winter time hunting minus the cruddy weather. Our dry air also contributes to us having very enjoyable days hunting in the late season. I am surprisingly still finding new undiscovered wild coveys of Huns and Chukar on our newly added lease, fact is the lease is so big we haven’t even set foot on quite a bit of it. Come help us out finding and working these great upland birds, client dogs welcome, but we have plenty of dogs if you want to hunt over ours. Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

November is here and the hunting has been great

11/1/13 November is here and the hunting has been great, we are very busy with hunts and hunters are enjoying a lot of success, especially on Huns and Chukar. I have been so busy it wasn’t until just yesterday that I personally finally got to shoot over my own dogs, been guiding a ton. I took one walk and shot three wild Chukar off of a canyon wall, Trump one of my shorthairs nailed the point! It reminded me of how exciting it is to hunt birds over pointing dogs, especially dogs that know the game and understand that they have to be cautious and not blow birds out.
Pictured left is Paul Ostrander with 3 wild Chukars. November marks my favorite time to hunt here in Wyoming, weather is cooler and the fall is in full swing, we have these openings for Wild Huns, Chukar, and Blue Grouse for November. The opening dates are Nov. 12-14, Nov. 18-22. Get with us as these dates will surely fill in quickly with either bird hunters or fly fishermen, that reminds me we have a tremendous Cast & Blast available that includes Upland Bird Hunting and Fly Fishing, call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 for details.

Blue Grouse

10/14/13 Blue Grouse don’t come easy the last few days, however we have had back to back successful hunts for customers harvesting large male Blues’s for mounting…
Just completed the toughest two days of Blue Grouse hunting I’ve ever experienced, we dealt with mud, snow, rain, sleat, you name it, I even broke my dog trailer yesterday getting in and out of one location for Blue Grouse.
The bright side is all the effort has been paying off and clients are getting the big Blues they want for getting mounted.
With all the snow we have been dealing with Blue Grouse that are not coming to the ground during the day as they usually do shortly after sunset, they roost in trees but with all the snow we have figured out that in some areas the birds are just flying from tree to tree and not putting down on the ground, after all nothing on the ground but snow and they eat pine needles this time of year so the birds have thier water and food source in the trees, makes for some interesting hunting.
Pictured left is Phil, from Texas with a very nice Male Blue Grouse he took on a hard crossing shot.

Elliot & Jim from Alabama both displaying nice male Blue Grouse they harvested.
This hunt was a matter of climbing very high in elevation and concentrating our efforts along the ridge tops, some good tracks in the snow led to several flushes before Jim got a good clean shot on this male Blue.

10/6/13 Client Feedback has been awesome…here was a quick note from a father son combo Jay and Larry.
“Hey Jason & Jesse, Hope you are digging out from the “Blizzard”. Jay & I had a great 3 days w/ you guys. Terrific places to hunt, fantastic dogs & a great job guiding us into the Chukars & Huns! Looking forward to doing it again! ” Larry
Larry and Jay like many customers related hunting Huns to that of Blue Quail…they run, run and then fly!

10/5/13 HUNS!!…We have a lot of Partridge this year, wild Hungarians & Chukar make for a great day in the field, pictured left here is the Jeffreys group after a very successful day hunting Huns and Chukar, these boys were seeing 4-8 coveys of Huns a day and getting shots at limits by 2pm, hard to beat that! I’ve stated this before but its worthy of repeating, if you want a true western style bird hunt filled with excitement and new terrain you need to come check out the 30 plus square miles of Private upland bird hunting we have to offer. A wide open landscape with various types of cover, from bottom lands thick with cattails to Cheat Grass and Sage Brush draws filled with Huns, we certainly have spent the time and resources to make your hunt a success.

9/26/13 Sage Grouse hunts continue with high success…Pictured left here is Joe with a nice Sage Grouse and guide dog Katie, we also have had many customners taking advantage of the wild Chukar and Hungarian Partridge hunts we have available on our Private leases, new this season is a much larger portion of the Garrett Ranch, add that to our other leases and we now have over 30 square miles at our disposal for hunting Huns, Chukar, Pheasant, and 3 species of Grouse!

9/21/13 Sage Grouse Hunts go very well…Pictured left here is Wendell & Jim both showing thier morning sage grouse hunt, they ended the day with a wild Hungarian Partridge hunt, a great combo! Overall Sage Grouse numbers to us looked very good, only one area seemed to have a poor hatch, we had one guide see over 100 Sage Grouse that day! We did deal with some snow and some wetter conditions than in the past but all our hunters enjoyed great success.
Jim & Wendell

9/16/13 Wild Bird Hunts for Huns & Chukar going great! I had a single hunter today and we had to deal with some good mud from the latest rains, much needed by the way. My hunter Jim was shooting the 28gauge and we were after Huns and Chukar. Jim and I found a covey of Chukar about an hour into our hunt and while chasing the covey had a wild flush of about 15 Huns, we then switch gears and after two wild flushed ended up getting the birds to break up and then the fun began! The birds hold tight when they disband just like quail, Jim quickly racked up a limit of 5 Huns and 4 Chukars, with several doubles to his credit. Dogs were a bit rusty but after the rain quit and the wind picked up the dogs starting nailing these wild coveys. For your next Upland Bird Hunt call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

9/12/13 Cooler weather gives way to better bird hunting…Its the 4th day in a row of cloudy cool weather highs only in the 60’s and its very welcomed! The dogs are loving it and our hunting has got much better with the cooler weather, had limits on Huns two days in a row with clients and looking forward to chasing some grouse soon. Overall its still to early to say but I think Hun and Chukar numbers are about as good as last year maybe slightly more on the wild Chukar, little less on the wild Huns, grouse looks to be about the same in some areas and a little less in others but like I said its early still. Available dates for upland bird hunts include Sept. 16-19 up to 4 hunters, Oct. 3-16 up to four hunters, Oct. 22-31 up to 4 hunters, Nov. 1- 4, 8-22, available 4-6 hunters, Dec. Open. Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 to book your Diverse Upland Bird Hunt Today.

Opening Day for Birds shaping up nice

8/24/13 Opening Day for Birds shaping up nice…Sept. 1 we start our guided Hungarian Partridge and Chukar Hunts along with Blue Grouse, Pheasant and Sharptail Grouse, and don’t forget we have a dove shoot that opens Sept 1 also. I just got back from taking a drive around some brand new lease property we were able to secure and I’m excited about what I see. We gained several thousand more acres of prime Hungarian Partridge habitat with a creek that runs right through it. Also explored some country on the new lease that has big potential for Chukar. We have a few openings in September prior to Sept. 15th, so if your interested give me a call at 307-267-2559 and I can fill you in on a sweet upland bird hunt package.
Dont forget to check out our new bird hunting website at

8/7/13 Wild Bird Season just about here…I’m very excited we are just a few weeks away from the opener for our upland bird hunting season, Sept. 1. Starting to tune the dogs up and get their muscles in shape. Its about to start, bird numbers look good, I’ve been seeing many clutches that are looking almost full grown and flying hard and fast. We have a few spots available for early September bird hunts, all Sage Grouse hunts are booked, we do have some spots open in October for birds but things are filling in fast, if you have your dates ready gives us a call or shoot us an email. Also would like to turn your attention to our new Upland/Waterfowl Bird Hunting website, here is the link please check it out your gonna love it!

8/7/13 Wild Bird Season just about here…I’m very excited we are just a few weeks away from the opener for our upland bird hunting season, Sept. 1. Starting to tune the dogs up and get their muscles in shape. Its about to start, bird numbers look good, I’ve been seeing many clutches that are looking almost full grown and flying hard and fast. We have a few spots available for early September bird hunts, all Sage Grouse hunts are booked, we do have some spots open in October for birds but things are filling in fast, if you have your dates ready gives us a call or shoot us an email. Also would like to turn your attention to our new Upland/Waterfowl Bird Hunting website, here is the link please check it out your gonna love it!

6/28/13 Wild Bird Numbers looking good for 2013 Season…Wyoming received average spring rains and during the first two weeks of June did not get any major hail storms so we should be seeing a good year for Upland Bird numbers across the state. Right now many areas are dry but this isn’t unusually for our area and I have been seeing many birds along the roads during my travels guiding fly fishermen. New Bird Hunting Website: We are launching a new website that is focused entirely on wingshooting for Upland and Waterfowl and the services we provide as an outfitter, the new website is and will be up and running by first week in July. We will let you know when we go live!

Fall 2013 Bookings: We are currently full for Sage Grouse Hunts except Sept. 27,28,29 we have room for 2 hunters left thats it. Cast and Blast Trips start Sept. 1 and can be booked through the end of November, we have some openings for Cast and Blast just get with us on dates. Wild Huns are doing well and we are filling very fast for Oct, Nov Hungarian Partridge Hunts, get with us soon on dates and availability for these hard fast flying covey birds.

our TV show with “Wyoming’s Call of the Wild”

6/14/13 Just loaded up our TV show with “Wyoming’s Call of the Wild” sponsored by the Wyoming Game and FIsh Department. This hunt featuring “Tate” was a late season Canada Goose Hunt filmed with Grey Reef Wingshooting here in Wyoming. Sit back and enjoy the action as “Tate” participates in his first hunt of any kind in his entire life!

Filmed on location with Grey Reef Wingshooting guides Jesse McGregor & owner Jason Ostrander in wide open Wyoming private farm land.

To book your 2013 fall/winter goose hunt in Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, or Wyoming call us at 307-267-2559

5/15/13 Upland/Fly Fishing Combo Trip Packages start Sept. 1…Cast and Blast starts Sept. 1 we have availability the first half of September, second half of September for Cast and Blast is full. These high energy trips start off with world class upland bird hunting in the morning part of the day for Hungarian Partridge, Chukar, Blue Grouse, or Pheasant, then after a half day of Bird hunting you get to jump into a guided float trip on the North Platte River at Grey Reef, these are all inclusive packages $3250/person for 3 Days/4nights, for our corporate rates for parties exceeding 6 call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or email us by clicking the contact button at the top.

5/6/13 “Call of the Wild” TV show featuring Grey Reef Wingshooting now available. If you are interested in booking fall waterfowl trips for snow geese, specklebellies, Canada’s, and Ducks in Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming give us a call and get on the Fall Migration Schedule for world class wingshooting, call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Shooting Sportsman

5/3/13 Get the latest issue of “Shooting Sportsman” and you will find a photo essay and short article featuring Grey Reef Wingshooting, guides Jesse, Ryan, and Jason all enjoyed pro-photographer Gary Kramer on this Upland Bird Hunting Photo Shoot called “Greater Grouse”.
Click on the Shooting Sportsman Cover and go direct to get your free trial of Shooting Sportsman the Magazine.
May/June Issue of Shooting Sportsman

Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunting
3/27/13 Snow Geese push north hard…just got back from being on the road three weeks in a row and ended this last hunt in Chamberlain, SD for snow geese. Big numbers of snows as far north as Pierre, SD but they are starting to move quickly with this warm weather, probably won’t be many at all in Nebraska by weeks end at the rate they are moving north.

3/5/13 Snow Goose Hunts underway, spring 2013 migration in full swing…its been said that the key to snow goose hunting is scouting, scouting, and more scouting. That proved beyond true as we finished up this weekends hunts, we scouted for two days, set up and then moved once to get dialed in on where and when the snow goose masses were hanging out. Thats why hiring a guide that will put in the time to scout is a good idea.

Snow geese are tough birds as it is and it takes a lot of work and a large amount of windshield time to get on the hot spots. Then once you find the snows you hope the wind blows hard so birds have to work hard to get around. All that added up and you might have a great shoot, either way its a kick in the pants chasing whitey across the prairie’s of Nebraska and Wyoming! OPEN DATES: March, 7, 8, 12,13, 15…get with us and expereince for yourself the great spring snow goose migration. From Left to Right, Troy, Jason, Bridger(12), Porter (14). Both Porter and Bridger harvested thier first ever snow goose! Congrats guys.

2/26/13 Weekend weather should be great for snow goose hunts…Weather is gonna be in the mid 50’s this weekend and mid 40’s leading up to the weekend so that means we will see the snow geese arrive in big numbers. Some snows mixed in with honkers now but will get better as the northern migration moves with the warmer weather. We have some week dates available for hunts, could maybe squeeze another group in on the weekends but its fairly tight on the weekends, lodging available as well, call Jason at 307-267-2559

I shot this video while on a recent hunt

2/19/13 Snow Goose Hunts begin March 1…I shot this video while on a recent hunt, I was just scouting a big group of snow’s I had seen in my bino’s and just had to go check it out. What was crazy was the number of birds that were even covering the dirt road I was traveling on. So I scouted the field got permission to set up and yes we had one good shoot out of three. First afternoon we had the right spot but no wind and blue bird sky, next morning was colder and windy we had a decent shoot, like 15 birds killed all without any e-caller as the e-caller season doesn’t open until Feb. 25. So we got it done with just hand calls and good decoy set ups. We start the electric call hunts March 1…


2/11/13 SNOW GEESE ARRIVE…TV SHOOT! So I just got back from the filming of Wyoming’s “Call of The Wild”. The TV Show is hosted on the Outdoor Channel and will air in about 2 months…keep ya posted on times.
The two day shoot went fantastic, ended with a real whopper of a shoot. We had Tate Strong 15yrs old of Cheyenne, WY and his dad Frank as the guest shooters, guides included Jesse McGregor and myself.

First day the hunt was kicked off by Tate shooting his first ever goose and actually first ever anything as this was Tate’s first ever hunt with a gun in hand. Tate shot awesome and down his first goose in one shot! The next day we ended up with 13 Canada Geese down, Tate, his Dad, and Jesse all limited out! The shooting was fast and furious as we shot 11 of these birds in about 45 minutes of time. A very special thanks to Dave and Chris the videographers on this shoot as they did a wonderful job coordinating and shooting the show.
Snow Geese arrive…snow geese have arrived already, early as ever but after a full scouting run I would estimate between 5-7K snow geese in the area, most ever for this time of year. We start Spring Snow Goose Hunts March 1- 25, we have special youth openings from Feb. 25th- Feb. 28th, these youth hunts are offered for fathers bringing youth shooters, call for details…307-267-2559.

Upland Season Ending with a bang

1/28/13 Upland Season Ending with a bang… Our wild Partridge season ends Jan. 31 and the weather has been outstanding for upland bird hunting, temps in the mid 40’s, awesome numbers of birds and clients enjoying every bit of it! Guide Jesse McGregor reports back from the field after having a great day hunting Huns and Chukar, they even bumped into in a few pheasants for the dogs.

Canada Goose Hunts…I just got back from guiding some goose hunters and the hunting was fantastic, we had 17 geese and could have shot more but the boys just about ran out of shells! Canada Goose Hunts extend to Feb. 17th this season, get here and get some geese.

The Great White Return…some unconfrimed reports of snow geese as far north as southern Nebraska, we might be shooting snows much sooner this season with all this abnormally warm weather, time will tell. Snow Goose Season Opens Feb. 25th and we run our hunts until March 25th, most weekends are full but we have March, 1, 4-8, 11-14 available as of today. Give Jason a call to book your trip today 307-267-2559

The goose hunting has been up and down

1/17/13 Goose Hunts continue until Feb. 17th, Spring SNOW Goose Hunts start March 1…
The goose hunting has been up and down, one day limits the next day only killing a few. The geese are certainly stacked up in big numbers right now, probably the most birds for numbers we have had all season so far. I’m really excited about the fact that honker season goes until Feb. 17th this year, its a real priveldge to be allowed to hunt that late while most states are done by the end of January. We have openings in February as of now.
SPRING SNOW GOOSE HUNTS start March. 1, we have limited space for these hunts and every year they book up fast so get with us for this great spring diversion. Email us or call 307-267-2559

Goose Hunting heating up

12/28/12 Goose Hunting heating up… Upland Bird Hunts get better with recent snow. Just got back from hunting geese the last few days, the cold weather and snow has bird numbers decrease slightly as we witnessed a small push of geese heading south and migrating, but there are BIG numbers sticking tight to the river bottom, as things warm a bit this week we should see birds spread out some. Congrats to Kyler from Logan Utah pictured left here with not just his first Canada Goose ever but several other birds him and his father Mike got while hunting with us, although temps were below zero for much of the first day we stayed quite warm in a heated, dry, pit blind.

Upland Birds Congragate

Upland Birds Congragate… with the recent snow and cold temps we are finding our wild birds are bunching up in large coveys. Chukars when found are in large groups of up to 35 birds, we have witnessed Huns in coveys of 40+birds! Reminders: Wild Partridge (Huns & Chukar) Season goes until Jan. 31, 2013 and Goose Season extends this year until Feb. 17, 2013 in Goshen County, both hunts are available and we do have openings.
Another reminder is the upcoming Spring Snow Goose season here in Wyoming, opener is Feb. 25, some dates are already booked so if your interested in a great spring hunt let us know.
Wild Huns in wide open Wyoming

Waterfowl numbers increase significantly, Upland Bird Hunting continues

11/28/12 Waterfowl numbers increase significantly, Upland Bird Hunting continues…I just got back from finalizing a new lease proprty and the best part about this new property is that it has birds all over it. Not only did it have geese on the field we put this pit blind in, but thier was a good 30 minute flight of dark geese and a few snows right over the property. The migration has swung into action very early this year and we have good numbers of dark geese. Our wild hungarian partridge hunts continue to be a hit with cliets getting limits or at least getting shots at limits each day out. Weather pattern looks great for some early winter action.
For latest info call Jason at 307-267-2559

11/22/12 Happy Thanksgiving! Goose Hunts begin… Upland Hunts still going very well, the waterfowl migration has slowed down but the one cold snap we experienced has pushed a bunch of ducks and geese into our area, we do have pits in the ground and birds using our fields including a brand new lease we just got secured that puts us on prime fileds just off one major refuge. Give us a call we are booking weekends up fast and if you want a pit you should email or call us soon. Call 307-267-2559 today to book your hunt!

11/12/12 Huge Waterfowl Migration… Upland Hunts continue to be very successful! The big cold front has pushed large numbers of geese and ducks south on the migration routes over our area. Guide Jesse McGregor was in the field with hunters yesterday and today and reports back with great success, new client Greg Davis scores limits on Huns and Pheasants and could have had limits on Chukar as well. All the time while upland hunting Jesse reports seeing massive flocks of ducks, Canada Geese, and Snow Geese pushing south over the Casper area. I was guiding fishermen yesterday and witnessed the same migrational activity over the Norh Platte River. Combination waterfowl Upland hunts are available just call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or email us at

11/6/12 Upland Bird Hunting Fantastic… Pictured left here is Jack and Brandon from the Atlanta, Georgia area who just finished up a 3 day upland bird hunt with us. Brandon harvested his first ever Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, and Rooster Pheasant! Jack reports back saying the Huns are quite a challange and he sees a return trip in the future to get those crazy wild birds. Between the two main private lease properties we have over 50k acres of wild Chukar and Hungarian Partridge habitat to hunt. Our new Garrett Ranch Lease 5k acres plus has been especially good with great numbers of Huns to chase around the ranch. Yesterday we had over 20 covey rises on wild Huns. The catch is not all those covey rises are in shotgun range but then again thats what make hunting wild Huns so much fun, they don’t always let you or the dogs get too close. Weather has been too warm for anymore waterfowl movements south, I expect this friday to see another small push with the high temps Saturday only reaching into the 20’s. We have openings for hunting & fly fishing or you can combine the two on our Cast & Blast Trips, call Jason or Judi today at 307-267-2559

10/26/12 Small push of Waterfowl South…Upland Hunting for Grouse and Partridge continues to be fantastic! With the recent cold front I have been seeing more ducks and geese move into our area, should be a good second opener, but warmer weather is in the forecast which will slow the migration considerably. UPLAND hunts are going great! Guide Jesse McGregor and I just finished up a 4 day Cast & Blast trip with the Fukuhara Group. This group of 6 spent 4 days with us fly fishing and upland bird hunting. Rod from Kentucky caught two very nice brown trout in spawn colors and a bunch of nice rainbows and cutbows. The last two days of the trip were a very successful Wild Hungarian Partridge slash Chukar Partridge Hunt with Rod, Dan, and Gene all harvesting good numbers of birds, including Gene Tice with his first Rooster Pheasant ever. Overall wild bird numbers are looking very good, we had one day last week that Guide Jesse and Andy flushed over 200 wild Huns in one day! Might just be the best hatch of Huns I’ve ever seen anywhere.
Pheasant & Partridge Hunting

10/20/12 Multi Species Hunts very successfull. The last 10 plus days has been a string of hunting clients all looking to bag as many different species of upland game birds while hunting with us. Just finished up with Dan from New Zealand, this was Dan’s second trip to Wyoming with Grey Reef Wingshooting and this year in his two day hunt he harvested limits of Hungarian Partridge, Chukar Partridge and the Blue Grouse. Dan really enjoyed the Blue Grouse hunt and the “Blues” were far more fun than he expected, tight quick shooting, good fast birds with amazing scenery to boot.
All upland sepcies available now except Sage Grouse, including the coveted Cast & Blast trips that combine several days of world class fly fishing and wingshooting. To book your trip call Jason at 307-267-2559

10/11/12 Wild Huns & Chukar Hatch was obviously very good this year… Our three upland guides have all been reporting the same thing, tons of wild Huns and Chukars this year. I didn’t really beleive it until I witnessed it myself but we hunted two days ago from 7am to 1pm and my single client kicked up 8 individual coveys of Huns and a large covey of wild Chukar. Most of the coveys are 12-25 birds strong. The number of covey rises on that short day was 12, all that before 1pm! Guide Jesse reported back two days ago and said his clients had over 200 birds flush in the coarse of the day! If you enjoy wide open country where you can see your dog and our pointing dogs work from a good distance, and enjoy wild covey flushes of very fast upland birds then call and book today!

Hungarian Partridge Hunts

10/2/12 Hungarian Partridge Hunts…Pictured left is Mark, Mike, Jason, and Bill all from the state of Florida here with us on a 3 day Upland classic bird hunt. The boys had a fantastic day yesterday with 17 Huns, 6 grouse, and 3 chukar partridge for a day, today they ended with 18 birds mainly Huns but a few rooster pheasant and even a couple of doves. Bill was on his first ever upland bird hunt, and he is already talking about purchasing new guns, bird dogs, and hopes his wife will be good with his new found passion for bird hunting. Its nice to see a guy get turned on to bird hunting!
Overall wild bird numbers have been good to great depending on the location. Guide Jesse reports back today with reports of seeing over 10 coveys of wild Huns in one area!

Upland Bird Hunting Report

9/29/12 Upland Bird Hunting Report… Pictured left is Brandon, Randy, and Loyd who represent the great state of Michigan as the three generations of hunters who just completed thier Sage Grouse/Blue Grouse/Hungarian Partridge Hunt with us. The bird hunting has been excellent, all three upland guides coming back each day with limits of birds including Huns. Dry conditions have got better as we have had several rain storms in the afternoon making things much easier for the dogs scenting conditions. We conclude this years Sage Grouse season tomorrow and then the focus will be on wild Huns and Chukars with the occasional Blue Grouse hunt as well. To book your next wingshooting adventure give Jason or Judi a call at 307-267-2559

Famous Photographer Gary Kramer

9/27/12 Famous Photographer Gary Kramer joins Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting…We are very excited to have Gary Kramer, wildlife photographer & author, joins us on a 5 day Cast & Blast trip. Gary is writing an article and composing another book that will include our Wingshooting and Fly Fishing services. We anxiously are awaiting Gary’s photos. I have gotten a sneak peak at some and they are amazing!

Wild Bird Hunts going great!

9/23/12 Wild Bird Hunts going great! We are half way through our Sage Grouse season, clients all getting limits but way more importantly clients are getting some nice big “bomber” Male Sage Grouse for mounts. Other hunts this week included Hungarian Partridge with clients from as far away as Instanbul, Turkey and New Zealand! We have been having fantastic shoots for Huns on our new lease and been scratching a few Blue Grouse off the list as well. This photo is of our opening day with client Dale from Nebraska with dog Jill a Springer Spaniel. The only thing that could make the hunts better is a bit cooler weather, but we know its coming. For your next Upland Adventure call Jason at 307-267-2559.

We had 4 limits of Huns today

9/22/12 We had 4 limits of Huns today, and that was all before noon, my guys shot extremely well!

Wild Upland Birds and one tired Ptarmigan Hunter

9/14/12 Wild Upland Birds and one tired Ptarmigan Hunter. We have continued our Hungarian Partridge & Chukar Partridge Hunts all this week, all the hunts have been very successful. We currently have 4 Upland Bird Guides that are all booked through Oct. 7. We have open dates for bird hunts starting Oct. 8, call for available dates in October and November. Wild bird hunts for Huns, Chukars, Blues, Sage Grouse, Sharpies, and Pheasant available. Client dogs are welcome.


The picture left is of a recent Ptarmigan hunt I went on in central Colorado, yikes thats me at 12,500ft above sea level. This is the elevation you start hunting these small white tailed Ptarmigan and let me tell you your lungs will let you know it! This was a personal hunt with a good friend who knows the ins and outs of Ptarmigan hunting. The experince was awesome and a special thanks to John for helping me burn some major calories off above 12k feet.

First hunts of the year going great!

9/12/12 First hunts of the year going great! We just completed the first couple upland bird hunts of our season and the hunting has been good, especially on the cool days.

Dan and Tia had a good trip with “Poppit” their german shorthair, who came along nicely getting some great work on wild Huns. We got to watch this dogs progression over three days and the results were great, the dog made great strides and had some awesome points on Huns.
Pictured left is Dan, “Poppit” and wife Tia on this past weeks Hungarian Partridge Hunt.

Dan and Tia had a good trip with “Poppit”


8/23/12 **NEWS** I am excited to announce we just added another 5k acre tract of land for our wingshooting use just 10 minutes from the lodge. This new property has Hungarian Partridge and Chukar Partridge on it. This new lease property will be ready for hunting starting Sept. 15th, 2012.

Sage Grouse Hunts

8/3/12 Sage Grouse Hunts and Lodge Availability Update,
We have Upland Bird Hunting Lodge Hunts available arrive Sept. 17, hunt 18,19, depart 20th OR arrive Sept. 26, hunt 27,28, depart 29 up to 6 hunters. Options for Cast & Blast available.

Sage Grouse DAY HUNTS

Sage Grouse DAY HUNTS Available for Sept. 22-up to 4 hunters, 23-up to 6 hunters. Call about group rates, 307-267-2559.
Remember you can combine these Wyoming Sage Grouse hunts with other upland birds including Huns, Chukars, Pheasants, Blue Grouse from September 15-30. From Oct. 1 – Jan. 31 options for up to 5 upland game bird species including Cast & Blast options.

Grey Reef Wingshooting offers

TO PREVIEW one type of bird hunting Grey Reef Wingshooting offers take a look at this episode of Wingshooting USA featuring one of our Hungarian Partridge/Chukar Hunts with TV host Scott Linden & Guide Jason Ostrander.
Experience the best kept secret in the west, Wyoming’s Wild Bird Hunting
Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting offers Day Hunts as well as full service Lodge Hunts, up to 6 species of Upland Game Birds offered.
Wild Huns in Wyoming!

Bird Season only 31 days away!

7/30/12 Bird Season only 31 days away! Yikes its about that time to grab the dogs and start chasing wild birds across the country side of Wyoming. We have some exciting new ranch leases for this years upland bird hunting season, I have been seeing a lot of coveys of birds including Sage Grouse, Hungarian Partridge and Chukar (Grey)Partridge. Overall conditions are dry right now but it looks like juvenile recruitment has been good this year, seeing a lot of coveys of Huns from 15-20 birds in a covey and seeing some big groups of Sage Grouse as well. Book your upland hunt today call 307-267-2559

7/5/12 Upland Bird Season is just around the corner, and to get you even more excited for some great Wyoming Bird hunting Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting will be featured on the TV Show “Wingshooting USA” hosted by Scott Linden that will start to air Monday July 16th on Persuit Channel & NBC Sports. Listed below are the air times and channels for “Wingshooting USA”. This “Hungarian Partridge Hunt” is one of two shows that we shot back in October of 2011, the show gives you a good idea of the type of upland bird hunting we do here in Wyoming. Enjoy the show everyone…give us some feedback and let us know what you us at, or simply click onto the Contact Us Button at the top of the menu bar.
AiR Times in EST check program guide for local times:
Year Round on Persuit Channel Fridays 7:30am, 7pm, Tuesdays 7am, Mondays 7pm, 6:30am, 12:30a.m. Direct TV 608, Dish 240, AMG TV Sundays 1pm, TUFF TV Sat. 10am, 4:30 pm, Legacy TV Sat 10:30am, NBC SPORTS Fridays at 10am after OLYMPICS Aug. 13, Texas Channel Sundays 10:30am

4/2/12 Huns/Chukar Combination Hunts available from Sept. 15 to Jan. 31.

3/27/12 Spring means its time to get your fall booking in for upland birds. Our Sage Grouse season has a few spots available, call or email us for dates. Combo trips for Cast & Blast or Waterfowl/Upland Combos continue to be a client favorite, after all there are few places if any that provide such a wide varierty of game birds and awesome fishing all in one package. I will keep you all posted on our hatch conditions for the wild bird populations as spring progresses. Carry over pheasant populations as of right now look awesome, two wet years fallowed by a warm dry winter translates to a ton of birds made it to the nesting period, we witnessed more pheasants this spring during our snow goose hunts than ever before, should be a great fall.
Sage Grouse Bomber

3/19/12 Snow Goose Hunter Receives Extraodinary Jewelry! Client Steve Shelton got a big surprise on his Spring Snow Goose Hunt with us here in Wyoming, on Saturday morning Steve harvested a banded Male Ross Goose. Ross Geese migrate in more abundance toward the tail end of the migration northward and we have been seeing a lot of Ross Geese the past few days during our hunts. Steve’s Male Ross Goose had a single leg band that after inspecting was very worn down and razor thin on the edges, right away I knew the bird had to be old, but how old was soon to be answered. After the morning shoot, we immediately went inside the farm house and checked on the band recovery site to get some info on Steve’s Ross Goose. The Male Ross was banded as an adult in 1996 on the Simpson River in the Nunavut Province of northern Canada.

Ross was in excess of 16 years old! How many decoy spreads has that old boy scene, Steve was so excited he is getting the bird mounted with the band as he should. Congrats Steve on being the hunter to bag such a trophy bird. Migration Report: The migration north is just about over for us here in Wyoming, small pockets of less than 5k Snows/Ross remain, if you can find them and conditions are right they are decoying well, when conditions have been difficult especially no wind days the hunting has been hard.
South Dakota Report: South Dakota was not as productive and scouting revealed that after leaving Wyoming with the snow line being all the way to the Canadian Border the Snow geese were literally here today gone tomorrow, we look forward to maybe a little cooler and spring next year to slow down the push north.

March 13, Springer with a Raft of Snows – 70-80k!! This photo is as close as we wanted to walk, but if you look all that white on the water is snow geese, estimated raft was a quarter mile long and in excess of 300yards wide! The birds were packed tight together giving us an estimate of 70-80 thousands snow geese. We have just now been seeing flocks of juvy snows so some birds are moving out and heading north. I will be in Wyoming through the 18th and then will be doing all my trips in South Dakota.

Good shooting opportunities

March 3,2012 Good shooting opportunities. We’re killing birds everyday now. There has been a huge push of migrating birds, 40K strong moving through. It’s been windy, wreaking havok on the decoy spread but we have been making the best of it and still getting some good shooting volleys. As the weather improves the hunting contitions are getting better as well. We still have some openings for the week of the 12th.

Snow Goose Tracks

2/27/12 Snows are on the move and so am I, hunts start March 1 and I’m getting fairly excited, just got a bunch of new HD MP3 Snow Goose Tracks downloaded to my MP3 player and played them here on my homemade electric-call and it sounds super clear and loud, like bust your ear drums loud! Open dates as of now are March 1,8,12-16.

snows trickling into our area

2/23/12 Snow storm should hold snow goose migration up for a bit. Got a report of a few snows trickling into our area, but with recent front range snow storm the migration will hault today, forcast looks good for March 1st on, so in the meantime making more decoy purchases and 4 new vortex machines, client hunts start March 1 and we are gonna get after them. When the first snow goose hits the ground we will let you know.

Early Snow Geese on the move north

2/18/12 Early Snow Geese on the move north. Some small numbers of snows building just south of the snow line around Sterling, Colorado. More snows the further you go south, the spring snow goose season here in Wyoming opens Feb. 20th but I don’t expect we will have good huntable numbers in our area in Wyoming until the end of February but weather will dictate. If long range forcasts become reality then looks like the last days in February and first two days of March will be in the mid 50’s low 60’s, that will for sure put birds into our area in decent numbers. Just filled one of our remaining slots with hunters, so open dates I have remaining for Wyoming Spring Snows is March 1,4,5,12-16. South Dakota Hunts available from March 20th-30th, call us for details or email us at

Weather dictates everything

2/14/12 Love it or hate it, Weather dictates everything. Well lets just say the weekends hunts were a bit of a love hate ordeal. First fridays hunt went great 3 limits of honkers in short time with bad weather and windy cold conditions made birds decoy nicely, then sat & sunday the birds literally were content sitting all day, no flights really to speak of as the cold front moved in and the birds just sat on the refuges and waited it out. So honker season concludes and now its time to switch gears and get ready for spring snow geese, I couldn’t be more excited! Let the games begin. Last year was one of the best years I’ve seen and this years numbers of snow geese are bigger than ever. Looking at the long range forcast I would say if the forcast holds we should be into the snow geese around the 24th or 25th, one thing is for certain when the first snow goose of the spring season is on the ground I will be posting for sure, until then its back to checking gear and getting a couple thousand decoys ready to go.
Open Spring Snow Goose Hunt Dates: Wyoming/Nebraska March 1, 4,5,12-16. South Dakota Hunts March 19-26 available.

Last few days been great, Honker season ends this Sunday

2/8/12 Last few days been great, Honker season ends this Sunday. Did a layout hunt yesterday on a field that was absolutely covered up the day before and so we got on the X and had some fun, 4 limits in two hours. However we did have plenty of groups turn there nose up at us and glide off. Its obvious these birds are getting shot at and things are patterned up already, but if you get on an X your in business. This weekends the last days open for dark geese, we have been seeing some snows here and there already, one such bunch even gave us the look over but we didn’t have a any snow goose decoys out, got a report that there are in fact thousands of snow geese around Ogallala, NE already so maybe this weekend we will get lucky and kill some snows with the honkers. If your interested in hunting snow geese this spring with us in Wyoming, Nebraska, or South Dakota give us a call at 307-267-2559.


In all the past years we have started our snow goose hunts March 1 and the bulk of our hunts this year again will run from March 1 to March 20th, however this year with snow geese possibly arriving earlier than usual and with all the warmer weather we are offering a few early hunts from Feb. 20th to Feb. 29th for snow geese. Come hunt the snow geese that are on the leading edge of the migration. Call us for details.

Last day of Goose Season

2/2/12 Get here now, we have 10days left. Last day of Goose Season is Feb. 12 and the last ten days are going to be awesome. We have tens of thousands of honkers here now and just 10days left to hunt them. We have a couple days available for hunts so give us a call 307-267-2559.

Decoy Hunting Vs. Ground N Pound – Know Before You Go Tip Of The Week

At Grey Reef Wingshooting we feel it’s our duty to help educate potential customers on the difference between a snow goose hunt over decoys versus jump shooting aka ground n pound. First let me set one thing straight we are not a ground n pound guide service, we are skilled in the craft of decoying and tricking snow geese into gun range OVER decoys! BUYER BEWARE many of the outfitter photos you see online with piles of hundreds of snow geese are hunts NOT performed over decoys. Most of these blood bath photos are of a group of guys who drive around all day and just sneek up on a grind of birds in a field or pond and empty their guns into the wad of snow geese before they even take off.

This is what we call “ditch piggin” or “ground n pound” crews, this leads to massive numbers of crippled birds and is unethical in our opinion. FACT snow geese are some of the smartest birds you will ever hunt over decoys and thats why we love the challenge and enjoy the aspects that decoying snow geese brings. There is nothing more rewarding we feel after having from 5 up to 500 snow geese come swirling down onto the decoy spread and be fooled into gun range, the anticipation is awesome! So the next time your booking a hunt ask the outfitter what type of hunt he offers, so you know before you go.

1/29/12 Canada Geese show up in big numbers. I’m not sure what the official count is in thousands of geese for Goshen County but its up there. Our hunting has really been great and the new arrivals are a welcomed sight as they are not the PHD educated birds, in fact its been quite easy to decoy them especially over this weekend. Limits of birds for everyone across the board and had one hunt that ended as early as 9oclock with limits of geese. The wind was real nice to have as the birds waisted no time in dumping right into my spread, with very little coaxing on the call. The nice thing is right now is there is no need for flagging or any vortex machines or tricks, just let em work the deeks and just enough convincing on the calling and they are right in your lap. I expect this hunting to be real good right through the end of the season, which goes until Feb. 12 this year so you still have time to get with us, jump into a pit blind and have fun shooting at some honkers over decoys. Call us anytime, Jason @307-267-2559

1/25/12 Waterfowl Numbers Increase, Youth Hunt! The 2nd Annual Tom Harpstreith Memorial Youth Hunt was a real success thanks to everyone involved. The youth hunter I had the priveledge to guide was Hunter Howe accompanied by his father Shawn. What a treat as I got to be part of Hunter harvesting these two geese with his 20gauge, the same gauge Tom always shot. Hunter made two real nice shots on big groups of birds dumping into the decoys and just so he didn’t get too big a head he did miss two geese that came in and landed and then took off, well Hunter you can’t get them all but I would say your well ahead of any 8 year old I know!

Birds have arrived in a big way, however not every hunt is a slam dunk we had one group this weekend that really struggled but overall a great 4 days and the hunting will only get better from here on out, literally thousands of new fresh migrators have made there way to Goshen County.
Open weekend dates for Canada Goose hunts right now are Jan. 29,Feb,5,12.
Open Snow Goose Hunt Dates are March. 1,4,5,8,9,12-16.

1/20/12 Snow Hammers Montana! OK so just talked to my folks in Billings and they have well over a foot of snow on the ground and its cold, also got reports of big shifts of birds pushing south. So this should be the push we been waiting for, time will tell. Can’t wait to see that first big group of honkers locked up and gliding into the pit, I think this weekend is gonna be great!

1/19/12 Wyoming Snow Goose Hunts. As of today these are the open dates I have available for Wyo. spring snow goose hunts, March 1,4,5,8,9, 12-16. Email us at
Don’t forget this year Canada Goose Season runs until Feb.12 and the late season is always the best, we have some slots open, let us know.

1/18/12 Montana Snow Storm pushing birds. Just got off the phone with my Montana sources, in Billings 4-5inches on the ground now and is snowing hard. Up to 5inches possible today, another 1-3inches Thursday, temps are single digits. This has and will push birds and with conditions above freezing here in southern Wyoming the waterfowl will stop. I have hunts lined up through Jan. 24th, I have openings late next week into the weekend and I will certainly post the results of this weekends Tom Harpstreith Memorial Youth Hunt and our client hunts, stay tuned the birds are arriving get here soon! To book your hunt call Jason Otrander @307-267-2559

1/16/12 Weather Change will Push Birds. Just got off the phone with my sources in Billings Montana and the snow and cold temps they are getting today and through thursday should push a bunch of birds down to Torrington, especially when we are not suppose to get much snow at all. I have been holding my hunters off and waiting until the hunting is real good, well I’m betting with the snow and cold temps up north we will see a mass movement of birds by this weekend. Give us a call and we can get you down here for some great goose hunting action out of a heated pit blind.
Note: Snow Goose Hunts start March 1st, get your trip booked now while I have openings. 307-267-2559. Check out our snow goose hunting page for more details.

1/16/12 Weather Change will Push Birds. Just got off the phone with my sources in Billings Montana and the snow and cold temps they are getting today and through thursday should push a bunch of birds down to Torrington, especially when we are not suppose to get much snow at all. I have been holding my hunters off and waiting until the hunting is real good, well I’m betting with the snow and cold temps up north we will see a mass movement of birds by this weekend. Give us a call and we can get you down here for some great goose hunting action out of a heated pit blind.
Note: Snow Goose Hunts start March 1st, get your trip booked now while I have openings. 307-267-2559. Check out our snow goose hunting page for more details.

Goose Hunting Up and Down with weather

12/23/11 Goose Hunting Up and Down with weather. We have openings for after Christmas for Goose hunts and or a combination goose/pheasant hunts and the conditions here with the new snow are good. We have thousands of geese in the area now and it really just depends on the weather and the day just how successful we have been. Then again thats pretty much all of hunting and how it goes. We have been doing well when its cold snowy and windy, and of coarse on those windless warm days the hunting has been a bit harder. However we typically have wind here in Wyoming so thats keeping the hunting good.

We have openings for after Christmas for Goose hunts

Wingshooting USA TV Show

12/21/11 Wingshooting USA TV Show. A lot of folks have been asking when the TV show Wingshooting USA hosted by Scott Linden will have our Grey Reef Wingshooting Episodes on TV? So here’s the scoop, the crew is editing now and the shows featuring Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting will be on several networks including NBC Sports, Sportsman Channel, AMG-TV, Tuff-TV, and Legacy-TV. These two episodes will air around 12 times each and will be spread out from May-September. As soon as we have specific air dates we will post the times here as well as an email will be sent to all of our clients. We are excited to see the action ourselves, both shoots went extremely well with tons of dog action and some good covey rises with several birds being harvested. Thanks again to Scott and his Camera Crew and for the (NSSF) National Shooting Sports Foundation for their sponsorship, this was by far the best TV shoot I’ve been on in both quality of people involved and the level of professionalism they exemplified, it was a real pleasure.

Santa Loves Christmas Goose

12/20/11 Santa Loves Christmas Goose. Zack pictured left here spent this past weekend hunting geese with us and just sent this to me, evidently Santa Clause has a taste for roast goose with gravy and Zack is delivering the goods. Just goes to show you that even the hard hunting this past week can’t slow down that Christmas Spirit! Just checked the forecast, looks like we could see a small push of birds this week making the hunting good. We do have openings if your interested in a hunt before or after Christmas gives Jason a call at 307-267-2559.

First Goose Ever!

12/19/11 First Goose Ever! Repeat client and friend Steve Shelton brought up his two sons Zack, Jake, and friend Dan for some honker action. Jake here pictured left shot his first goose ever, he was excited! That’s one of the best positives about guiding is the thrill of watching people be successful and what a thrill watching someone get there first goose. The hunting wasn’t easy with temps in the 60’s on Sunday but the Shelton crew managed 6 nice geese for Christmas and even shot some wild Pheasants to add to the mix. That’s one nice option for our goose hunters is taking a stroll through some great Pheasant habitat and getting some wild upland birds.

Migration Report:I expect the hunting to get much better this week as some weather moves in, no new birds arriving but we have thousands of birds here now just have to hunt them on the windy days. Still a pile of birds held up on the Yellowstone River and until they get some more snow I don’t expect any new birds to arrive. In the meantime get your late Pheasant hunt Wyoming HuntingDecember January booking in now and don’t forget the season goes until Feb. 12 this year and the hunting is always better the later you can come. Call Jason@307-267-2559 for details.

Great weather for upland hunting

12/16/11 Great weather for upland hunting. Birds are here but getting harder to decoy. Well we are having some of the most beautiful weather if your a duck or goose you don’t even need to eat everyday when temps are in the upper 40’s low 50’s! However we have been making the most of it as the geese are especially hard on the days with zero wind. It will be nice when we finally get an Arctic cold front to finally push through and get some fresh birds down. On the bright side we are killing some geese and using the warm weather to continue our combination upland hunts mainly wild pheasants. Stay tuned as I will keep you updated on this weekends action.
Picture left here is Phil, Travis Utah State Goose Calling Champion, Justin and myself showing our 2 geese from the Goshen County 2 Shot Goose Hunt

Get Your Snow Goose Hunt Booked

12/12/11 Get Your Snow Goose Hunt Booked. Last year was one of the better snow goose seasons we have had and this year looks to be no exception as snow goose numbers are as high as ever. I start hunts March 1 and just as a reminder last year all 17 days that we hunted Wyoming booked well in advance, if you would like more info or want to get penciled in now is the time to do so, you can email us at or you can call Jason @ 307-267-2559 and get your spring snow goose hunt booked for either Wyoming or South Dakota.

Goshen County Two Shot Goose Hunt

12/10/11 Goshen County Two Shot Goose Hunt. The hunting for this years two shot was less than desirable as only one team filled with 4 geese and three teams ended with three after that it was a real bust for hunting as 22 teams ended with zero shots fired, ouch! But as far as the event itself goes it was wildly successful raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity and was just a great year for the banquet dinner and celebrity people involved, thanks to everyone for a good show maybe next years hunting will be better either way it will be a lot of fun!

100_2725 12/6/11 Late Season Hungarian Partridge & Pheasant Shoot. We have until Dec. 31 on our wild pheasant season and Jan 31 on all our Huns and Chukars, I love late season birds especially when we get real cold mornings the birds hold very tight, giving clients good shooting. Right now we have been doing a day or two out of the Casper area for wild huns and chukars and then down to the Torrington area for ducks, geese, and pheasant. Right now we do have some week day openings so give us a call if you have never hunted Huns or would like a chance at some late season roosters. Call Jason @307-267-2559

12/4/11 Snowing Now, Ducks and Geese on the move. The Yellowstone River north of us here in Wyoming is starting to freeze with a lot of ice flow and that will have more birds pushing south into our area. Historically when the Yellowstone freezes we get covered with birds. Time will tell as long term forcasts look fairly seasonal and this could slow down the new arrivals. Our duck goose and pheasant hunts are going great, clients getting lots of shooting opportunities. I have one weekend date open in December for a pit hunt for geese. Call Jason @307-267-2559

Ring_necked_duck12/2/11 Book Now Get 10%OFF Just a quick reminder for all our clients calling to book for 2012 season. If you book between now and Dec. 31 for a trip in 2012 you will get 10%off your trip cost, for all our cooperate bird hunters this equates to some nice savings. Call Jason @307-267-2559

11/29/2011 Duck Hunting Client having a great year! For several years now John Morton has been a great client of mine and this year John really has dove into waterfowl hunting in a big way. John has been looking to bag very mature male birds of each species of upland and waterfowl birds for his collection. I had the company of John on a two day duck hunt just after Thanksgiving recently and he was at it again, this time in persuit of a drake widgeon, a drake red head, and anything else that he had yet to scratch off the North American Duck List. Just to give you an idea of the kind of luck John has, on a previous hunt in October John shot his limit of wild Huns and wanted to try for ducks in the same day. At days end John ended up with the limit of Huns, a drake Ruddy Duck, a drake Widgeon, a drake Woodduck, a Gadwall, and a Spoonbill Duck! This time around John ends up taking several large northern Darke Mallards, a Baldpate Drake Widgeon, and a Drake Ringnecked Duck, all of which will be mounted to be enjoyed for years to come. Congrats John on a wildly successfull bird collection that is growing rapidly! To book a multi-species hunt with us call Jason@307-267-2559 to book your trip today.

11/23/11 Combination Hunts going great, migration in full swing! Been in the field the last 7 days straight so I have the luxury of being outside all day and have a good bead on the waterfowl migration. Let me first say our upland/waterfowl combo hunts have been going great! Just finished up with Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. from Illinois, both took wild huns, chukars, and pheasants and got to see some great shooting from both guys. On the duck and goose hunting side of things we are seeing and shooting geese now, not big numbers yet by any stretch but enough birds in and migrating that its making for some interesting hunts. The recent snow storm brought some good numbers of ducks in and surprisingly enough we have ponds open and loaded with birds right now. So where are we on the migration? I would say from what I’ve been seeing we have maybe 35% of our goose numbers down and sticking around. On the ducks I would say about 50% of our ducks are in, but birds are arriving daily. Again this is just my opinion from being in the field the last week straight. We have some prime weekend dates open in Dec. Jan. day trips available to book your hunt today call Jason or Judy @307-267-2559.

11/20/11 Another great upland day on ALL-WILD birds! Had a father son combo out today hunting for wild huns and chukars, we hunted in some great weather but tredged through a foot of snow all day left over from this last storm. Well we made our first walk count as my clients had 9 birds down right away and added a tenth bird a little later. We ended the day with 4 chukars, and 6 Hungarians. We had multiple opportunities on other birds as well and had the boys shot a bit better coulda had 10 huns quite easily. Pictured left is the previous days hunt with John and Bob of Florida on some wild huns as well.
Bob & John in from Florida enjoying some Wyoming weather and upland birds!

11/19/11 Goose Season is officially open! Well today we ended a three day combo hunt with a couple hour morning goose hunt, we had a couple nice vollies and my two clients John and Bob from Tampa, Florida took three honkers but could have had limits of birds but they had a flight to catch so we only hunted till 10am. Bob and John took 8 wild huns yesterday and shot pheasants, chukars, and mallards all the day before. Today I witnessed a lot of waterfowl mainly geese migrating into the area as well as birds pushing through, should be a great duck hunting week as the birds got here and now the forcast looks very warm the next week through Thanksgiving which will keep the ducks around for sure. Dietz with the first pit blind retreive of the season pictured left, he was excited to say the least! To book your trip today call Jason or Judy @307-267-2559
Dietz pictured left here is an 85lb lab, thats one big goose! Wyoming Goose and Duck Hunting!

11/12/11 Migrational Push of Waterfowl begins! In the Torrington area I’ve been seeing snow geese, lesser canada geese and a lot of ducks moving into the county from the north. Most of these birds have just arrived and the waterfowl hunting is starting to heat up. Looking at forcasts for Glasgow, MT and further north to Moose Jaw, SK Canada shows that by Nov. 16th they will have complete ice out and frigid temperatures, this combined with snow fall should give us here in southern Wyoming another good push of migrators. Get your bookings in now for the goose and duck season. Opener for geese is Nov. 19th and could be real good if numbers keep building. We are doing hunts for ducks and upland now and clients are enjoying some great shoots. To book your trip today call Jason or Judy @307-267-2559

Waterfowl Upland Combo Hunts

11/3/11 Waterfowl Upland Combo Hunts are starting now! We have some migration happening now, mainly ducks. I have seen an increase in duck numbers over the past three days and we are starting our upland waterfowl combo hunts this week. I will keep ya posted on waterfowl numbers in our area as those record duck numbers fliter in from Canada. Call Jason or Judy today to book your trip 307-267-2559.
Check out our latest upland bird hunting posts below.
Combo Days in Wyoming!

11/3/11 Pheasant and Partridge Hunts going great! Well November has formally brought some much cooler weather with it but it’s just the right weather for some great dog work and some fantastic wingshooting. We just finished Chris and his father J.O. from the Atlanta, Georgia area. This was a first time western bird hunt for the father son combo and they had three days of lodging and wing shooting that they said exceeded their expectations! We put the tandem on covey birds the first day and then just hit pheasants the second day. On day three we primarily hunted Hungarian partridge. All three days provided shooting at multiple limits of birds but like many of us including myself the shooting was a plenty but the killing was a lot less. Like Teddy Roosevelt said “No, I’m not a good shot, but I shoot often.” Thanks to Chris and J.O. awesome clients that we look forward to seeing year after year. To get your trip booked today Call Jason or Judy @307-267-2559

10/26/11 Wingshooting USA TV Shoot. I just finished up with a two day television recording with Scott Linden’s Wingshooting USA crew. Scott was a pleasure to hunt with, very genuine and his camera crew worked as hard as anyone getting those great shots caught on camera. Special thanks to Mark Thomas of the National Shooting Sports Foundation for joining us and hunting some wild Huns and Pheasants. Our first day of the shoot we spent a cool crisp day walking the beautiful rim country of Goshen County hunting Huns and Chukars. We had solid dog points on several coveys of birds and before you knew it Scott and Mark had 10 birds down in just a couple hours of hunting. Scott commented that this hunt was one of the more diverse and exciting hunts he had been on in a long time, and he was excited about what type of hunting we had to offer. The second half of our first day we hit the lower grass fields for pheasants and quickly Scotts Wirehairs had several nice points and some great shots on some roosters. I will have more to post about our time with Scott but gotta run as we have more clients coming in for some great Hungarian Partridge hunts. To book your trip today call Jason or Judy @307-267-2559

10/21/11 Temps are cooling down and making our upland bird hunts even that much more enjoyable. We had several groups out the past 5 days, one of my favorite trips was a couple of brothers from the great state of Alaska, both endured a wet morning hunt but managed to bag 4 huns and 3 chukars, we started our day off working wheat strips for sharptailed grouse, we flushed several groups including one covey of about 25 birds but all but one got out wild on us, typical sharpies. After working a couple coveys of huns we switched gears and went to seperate private lease properties and hunted pheasants, both brothers ended up limiting out in about an hour on roosters and enjoyed a dry sunny afternoon. Our next hunt was Jack from New York who got into several coveys of huns and ended up with some great table fare for himself and his wife Barbara to have cooked up back at the lodge. For a diverse wingshooting package including grouse, partridge, and pheasant give Jason or Judy a call @ 307-267-2559

10/16/2011 Partridge Hunts going extremely well. We have had fantastic hunts for Hungarians this past week with several day trip clients filling multi day limits on Wild Huns. These prairie Huns will test your shooting skills as well as your drive in the field. This form of truely wild bird hunting is my absolute favorite, wide open cheat grass basins, and a couple good working german shorthairs makes for some great wingshooting. My client Dan from New Zealand pictured here had a whale of a day on his first day as he was treated with 9 individual coveys before lunchtime. We ended up with over 20 covey rises on the day, doesn’t get much better. Might be one of the better days for just sheer bird numbers so far this season, those 9 coveys by noon accounted for over 100 Huns! If your interested in a diverse wingshooting trip give Jason or Judy a call @ 307-267-2559

10/4/11 Clients enjoying great variety during there bird hunts! Just finished a 16 day in a row stretch of bird hunts and my dogs are tired. We ended this stretch with a great group of guys in from Houston, Texas. All 8 clients shot limits of pheasants the first days and also had some great chukar action as well. The group also got in on a few sharp tailed grouse on our new lease prpoerty. This same group took full advantage of a three day trip and caught the last day of Sage Grouse season as well. All 8 guests took limits on Sage Grouse as well. Good water and great cover is making for what should be just an outstanding year for upland birds here in Wyoming. So far from being in the field the last 20 days I can say with confidence that we have good numbers of bird this year. Call Jason or Judy for booking or questions at 307-267-2559

9/29/30 Opener for Huns and Chukars only days away! We have been hittin the bird hunting hard and its been paying off. We had four guides in the field the last three days and everyone is limiting out on there birds and a few big “bomber” male Sage Grouse being harvested. We have just a few slots in October for Huns and Chukars if your interested give Jason or Judy a call @ 307-267-2559

9/29/30 Opener for Huns and Chukars only days away! We have been hittin the bird hunting hard and its been paying off. We had four guides in the field the last three days and everyone is limiting out on there birds and a few big “bomber” male Sage Grouse being harvested. We have just a few slots in October for Huns and Chukars if your interested give Jason or Judy a call @ 307-267-2559

9/22/11 Sage Grouse Clients enjoying successful hunts. Well so far on the season we are running 90% success for clients harvesting a big male “bomber” Sage Grouse. Clients have been great and are passing on young birds and holding out for the more mature birds, and its paying off big time. Congrats to Grant and Richard yesterday both selecting and harvesting huge male Sage Grouse. If your looking for a diverse wingshooting package with multiple upland bird species we are your choice, give Jason or Judy a call at 307-267-2559
Clients Nathan, Pete, and RJ from Minot, North Dakota
and last but not least “Murph”

Upland Bird Season arrives in 5 days!

9/12/11 Upland Bird Season arrives in 5 days! Took my crew of German Shorthairs out this am for some quick tune up runs, stumbled into two coveys of Sage Grouse and one coveys of Huns. Dogs were rusty to say the least but on the last run Zues hammered a nice covey and made up for for it. Our opener for Sage Grouse is this Sat. the 17th and that is really the kickoff for our season here in Wyoming from that point on things really start happening as far as upland goes. So far I have to report overall covey sizes are good to great, I have yet to see any big hens with less than 8 young birds with her so that boasts well for brood sizes. The Hun coveys are evn better with a lot of broods in coveys of 15-20 birds. For booking your trip or questions call Jason or Judy @ 307-267-2559

9/8/2011 Only 10 days until the opener! Shot some doves today. Was out showing my two die hard upland guides some new lease properties and they are excited to say the least. It was a lot of wind shield time but we did manage to get out and shoot some doves and stretch the legs a bit, stumbled into a couple coveys of Hungarians as well as some young rooster pheasants. Only 10 days until the opener for Greater Sage Grouse, and Sharp Tailed Grouse aka Pintails. Bird numbers overall looking good. For a trip booking or questions please call Jason or Judy @ 307-267-2559

Big Male Sage Grouse for mounted birds

In 2010 we went 100% for Big Male Sage Grouse for mounted birds and 90% in 2009. Its the second big water year in a row and we are seeing upland bird numbers up already in 2011.

August, 13, 2011 Wyoming Bird Season 2011 is just about here, hard to believe we start upland hunts in 30 days, our bird population this year is going to be great with two big water years in a row the cover is better than the hay days. I’ve been seeing a lot of Huns running around on the roads and thankfully we have Not had any real big hail storms except for one isolated spot. So as of right now we have a few openings in October & November we would love to share Wyoming’s diverse upland wing shooting with you, for questions or to book your trip call Jason or Judy @ 307-267-2559.

June 8, 2011 Hungarian Population Explosion! Well last year as many of you know was a good year for Huns here in Wyoming and this years looks to be even better as we had great hold over numbers of birds and June conditions for nesting have been outstanding. If you want to hunt Huns you might consider getting your booking for Oct or Nov. in now as space is limited.

April 7, 2011 So far hatch conditions for the spring looking good, we have had good spring weather with no major snow storms to speak of. Lets just hold our breath and hope we don’t get any major hail storms, I will keep you posted. TV series Wingshooting USA will be on location with Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting this October to film. Scott Linden the host and his crew will join us for a two day diverse wingshooting hunt, this show will showcase our Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting program and will include hunts for Sharp-Tails, Huns, Pheasants, and Chukar Partridge. We are excited to have Scott and his crew and we will let you all know the dates when the TV show will be on.

March 30, 2011, New leases added! We are excited about some new leases we are finalizing for the 2011 Wyoming game bird season. One of the new leases is just over 30,000acres of prime CRP and farm ground that has pheasants, sharptailed grouse, and hungarian partridge. Another lease added includes great goose and duck hunting opportunities for our customers. Discover Wyoming, for one of the most unique upland bird hunting experiences in the country.

Wyoming Spring Snow Goose Hunting: Hunting is good! we are shooting birds everyday, lots of birds are staging and some migrators.
Book Today 307-267-2559.
To Purchase a Wyoming Hunting License got directly to this link

March 1-20 We ended up having a great spring snow goose season! The birds came slow but vacated the area quickly, had some great shoots and really good weather for gunning. Get your trip date booked for next year as space is limited and get those best dates for the great spring migration!
Snow Goose Hunting Fun!

March 5, 2011 Got off to a slow day but ended up with 14 snows. Real nasty weather today and the birds only came out in small spurts, visibility was less than a quarter mile, but the birds that did make out our spread dumped right in on us. We had one group of 500+ on the deck feet down 25yards, it was great!

The best part was the two 14year old young men in the pit both shot there first snow geese today, great memories made!

Feb 8 Had some light snow here overnight, but now its sunny out, its a nice afternoon for some fly fishing the river through town here has opened up completely. So now just about every section of river is floatable. The Miracle Mile road is clear and the river has no-ice.

Feb 6 We have confirmed reports of snow geese entering the county, but just a few. It won’t be long if this warm weather holds, opener is Feb. 22

Last week of the honker season is here

Feb 1 Last week of the honker season is here, kinda glad, looking foward to the snow goose season. Got a report from a client who was fishing the miracle mile this past weekend said the fishing was really good and some really nice fish where landed. That season is almost here, get your booking in now for float trips on the Grey Reef.

Jan 26 Goose hunting remains good, although field reports show birds are extremely cautious. Some reports of snows entering the valley but can’t be confirmed yet. Honker season has less than two weeks remaining, ends Feb 8. I have openings throughout the next week and half, get in on the reverse migration as the hunting gets better. Also book your 2010 Spring Snow Goose Hunt now.
We are still doing upland bird hunting for those interested and will run our season until March 31.

Jan 23 Had groups out this weekend, birds are about as flag shy as I’ve ever seen, still managed a great shoot Sat. ended up with 9 or 10 geese and then Sun. had two man limit by 10:00. The change in weather Sunday really changed the birds cautious attitude and just was really good.
Hopefully we get another big warm up and some birds start moving north.

Jan 16,17 Still killing limits of geese daily, birds are very spread out, but are getting wiser by the day. Had a nice duck shoot to end the duck season, had a hooded merganser taken, what a beautiful bird, gonna make an amazing mount.

Jan 15 The fly fishing season is about here..have got the bug… started tying flies in between guiding goose hunters. I will start fishing reports around the first of Febuary as conditions get better for floating the river. Get your booking for your Grey Reef float trip now…oh and check out our new Grey Reef fly fishing video link on the home page.

Long time between posts…was out the last 3 days hunting geese and ducks…goose hunting remains excellent…ducks are way slow…probably due to weather…too warm. Have openings still for honker hunting if your interested. We had a 4 man limit on wednesday, great shoot, lots of birds still. If this weather keeps up could see some early snow geese arrive!

Jan 7 Have been off the hunting grounds the past couple of days, after this deep freeze looks like seasonal temps will be back for the next 10days, should spread birds out and be great hunting again.

Jan. 3 Finished up our new years weekend goose hunting today, finished 2009 with a bang as we had a 3 man limit by 10:30 which was really good considering the weather conditions, bright sunny blue sky, but we had wind and thats sometimes all you need. The goose hunting should remain good to excellent for now, the season doesn’t end until Feb 8. Get here before its over!

As a side note I have hunters booking the spring 2010 snow goose season. If you want to come out and try some snow goose hunting give me a call and get penciled in. Season opens Feb 22.

Dec 29 Geese and duck numbers remain high, I had a group out yesterday and we had our 4 man limit in less than 1 hour. We were on the X and the birds wanted in bad! That was a great shoot. Keep in touch and give me a call for the latest updates.

Geese and pheasants

Dec. 20 Geese are really spreading out, had a nice hunt at the farm yesterday on geese and pheasants. Looks like the weather for the middle of this week is prime for some goose action, should be really good. I have openings for pits the 22,23,24. The hunt on the 24th will be a 1:00pm hunt day and then its home for some Christmas family fun!

Dec 15 Talk to my dad up in Billings Montana last night, he said that they are at peak numbers for ducks and geese on the Yellowstone River right now and so even though we have plenty of birds here in Wyoming, the potential for another big push of birds is likely possible with more cold weather and more snow up north as many of our birds here in Goshen County come from the Yellowstone River in Montana.
Note: Had a cancellation for Sat. Sun., wont last so if you want a prime spot give me a call.

Dec. 14 Weather has geese here spreading out, lots of fields with 50 to 100 birds but no particular mass in any one field, this warm trend should push some birds out toward the Springer/Huntley areas.

Dec 12 The 22nd Annual 2 shot goose hunt finished up today, had 5 teams with three geese, the guys I guided decided to let some birds land and in the confusion of which guy would shoot first watched the geese lift out of the decoys without firing so much as a shot. HA! Well they managed 2 geese and we had some real good laughs!!

Dec. 9 Had goose hunting groups out the last couple days, had tons of shooting as the weather finally subsided and cleared out. Despite a temp of -27 degrees yesterday we managed a good pheasant/goose shoot combo for Rob and the gang. Geese where on the move in the masses. That just might be the coldest day I’ve ever hunted but really was quite comfortable in a nicely heated pit blind. Without those heated pits not much hunting would have been done.

Dec. 8 Congrats to Jack Loveless and his bride Barbara on a successful goose/duck shoot. We got some greater Canadas in the 12lb range and even a lesser canada goose in the 6lb range. Birds are thick!

Dec 5 Difficult weather conditions today as it snowed all day on us. Had a group of three today for geese, we actually had 4 geese in the decoys upon our arrival at the pit, ended the day with 6 giant canda’s and 3 ducks 2 widgeon and 1 drake mallard all over the corn. Should have had some more geese but we had a few missed shots and 1 guide error but all in all a good hunt.

Dec 4 Congrats to 11 yr old Mitchell of Star Valley Wyoming on his first pheasant ever! He made quite a shot too, about 45yards and moving fast. Was a treat to have father and son in the field and a nice full limit of ringnecks.

Dec. 2 Cold temps have pushed some ducks and geese further south than us here in Torrington but the big hardy geese are sticking around. Ducks are less abundant except on the North Platte river. Bird numbers on the river refuges continue to climb as ponds and lakes continue to freeze overnight. Glendo Res. has open water in Airport Bay but is locked up in Elk Horn. Hunting is excellent now.

Dec. 1 The deep-freeze is here. Geese and ducks are pouring in and flooding the skyway, it has begun!

Ducks and geese are on the horizon!

Nov. 30 Ducks and geese are on the horizon! The numbers are increasing daily and we are expecting a blast of artic air this weekend. We have openings for duck and goose hunts as well as combo hunts, give me a call we’ll set you up!


Nov. 26 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! A special thanks to all of our service men and women who sacrafice each day for our precious freedom. I thank you from the core of my heart you are the true patriots! I want to personnaly thank my Lord and Savior for the sacrafice he made on the cross. I am most thankful for my family and friends and the huge blessing that they are to me. NOW LETS GET STUFFED, WATCH FOOTBALL, AND BRING ON THE TRIPTAFANE COMA!!!

Our Torrington Wyoming pheasant hunting

Nov. 25 Our Torrington Wyoming pheasant hunting is heating up as corn crops start to come down. Combines thruout the Goshen county area are hard at work, looks like 50% of the corn is out. This has pushed the pheasants into the cover and is making the hunting great!

Took some time today to work on pit blinds

Nov. 23 Took some time today to work on pit blinds. We have light snow now and windy here in Torrington. Don’t expect any accumulation but have noticed this weather has some local ducks and geese up moving around.

That makes for some great upland hunting weather

Nov, 19 Need some weather up north but just clear and warm for the next 10 days. That makes for some great upland hunting weather. I had a cancellation for Sat. 21 for pheasant/sharptail Grouse hunters. If you want in let me know asap.

Huntley lease

Nov. 16 Just finished a nice day working on my Huntley lease. I now have bubblers/aerators set up on our duck marsh to keep the water open year round. This should make for some awsome duck hunting. We also may have an option for hunting flooded corn here soon. stay tuned.

Nov 15, MIGRATION UPDATE Snow geese and Canada geese are on the move south today! Clients and myself got in on early action as geese were moving south this morning accross Goshen County. Not a mass migration but deffinately some good numbers on the move. We killed a few geese and finished our day with four hunters filling there limit of 12 rooster pheasants. Combination hunts will continue to get better as the fall progresses and more birds migrate south.
Call today and book your Duck, Goose, and Pheasant Combo-Hunt!

Nov 13 Was at the farm in Huntley today and will remain thru the weekend with the opener for geese! Had a nice hunt today on the farm with a couple clients bag limits on pheasants.


Nov. 12 Was after some sharptail grouse today with a few awsome clients. Congrats to Richard Hall on his great shooting and getting his first ever sharptail and also congrats to Paul his hunting partner as they both limited out on sharpy’s by 1:30. Richard was using his Parker side by side 28 gauge and made some real nice shots.