Wyoming Cast and Blast Trips

Wyoming Cast and Blast Trips

Wyoming Cast & Blast Trips

Wyoming Cast & Blast Trips are a fly fishing and bird hunting trip with as much fun as possible packed into one day. These Wyoming hunting trips are highly customized to our clients’ level of energy, and are a great bang for your buck.

For some, the trip consists of an early morning bird hunt and then off to float the river and fly fishing. Others like to fly fish early and then hit the fields during the mid day or evening. We have access to private property along the river so we can float and fish down to a spot, jump out of the boat and grab your guns and the pointing dogs to chase upland birds. Other options include a morning waterfowl hunt combined with fly fishing the middle of the day and then ending with an upland hunt. The variety and combinations of action are the real draw on these cast and blast adventures. The only person more tired than you at the end of this awesome day of Wyoming hunts is your guide.


Available Sept. 1-Jan. 31 Wild Birds, Feb. 1-March 31 Liberated Season Extension.

  • 1 day, 2 nights lodging: $1550/person
  • 2days hunting, 3nights lodging: $2,250/person
  • 3days hunting, 4nights lodging: $3,250/person
  • 4 days hunting, 5nights lodging $4250/person
  • 5 days hunting, 6nights lodging $5250/person

Prices based on double occupancy,
Add $350/day/night to above rates for single occupancy

Deposit & 6month Cancellation Policy

Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting requires a 50% deposit due at the time of the booking. If you must cancel a Wyoming hunting trip for whatever reason, your deposit is refundable up to 6months prior to your booking date. If you must cancel within 6 months of your trip date the deposit is 100% non-refundable. Deposits are payable via credit card or Pay Pal online or check. Make checks payable to Grey Reef Anglers and mail to 2094 Glendo Street Casper, WY 82604

Guns and Ammunition

Selecting the right shotgun is a personal choice for Wyoming hunts. We’ve seen hunters use virtually every make and model available, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. So, as long as your firearm offers you between-the-hand balance and the features you prefer in the field, bring it along. Gauges including 12, 16 and 20 are typically preferred for Pheasant, Grouse and Partridge. We don’t usually recommend 28 gauges, however, some clients have proven to be very efficient with them.


Ammunition is not included in our fees, but may be purchased by us prior to your trip. We recommend 4 to 6 shot for all Wyoming bird hunting involving upland game birds, except quail/dove we reccommend 7’s to 9’s.

Clothing & Accessories

We suggest you pack for cool to colder temperatures. Click on our weather icon for latest conditions and up to date forecast. Include in your shooting bag a variety of Gore-Tex and fleece outerwear in order to help regulate your body temperature during a Wyoming hunting trip. While fall is typically beautiful, Wyoming weather can change quickly.

Your hunt bag should also include waterproof/lightweight hunting footwear, a game vest, upland gloves, headwear, hearing protection, shooting glasses, choke tubes, oil and solvents, shell pouch and knife. While hunter orange outerwear is not required by law for Wyoming hunts, we at Grey Reef Anglers require that you wear a blaze orange hat or vest.
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