Hungarian Partridge and Sage Grouse Hunting

Wyoming Hungarian Partridge and Sage Grouse Hunting

Season Dates Sage Grouse Sept. 17-30, 2022
Chukar and Hungarian Partridge Sept. 15 – Jan. 31
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The diverse opportunities that Wyoming hunting offers for upland game birds are as wide open as its landscapes. Open grassland, sagebrush flats, and rimrock canyons are where you’ll find yourself for our Hungarian Partridge & Sage Grouse hunts. Hunting for these wild birds will test your wingshooting skills as well as your stamina. Truely a wild bird hunters paradise. Overlapping habitat makes it possible to go afield and harvest both Huns, Chukars, and Grouse in the same area. Our professional, personable guides will show you the wilds of Wyoming bird hunting, with expertly trained pointing dogs providing you with the opportunity for a high bird yield.

Your Wyoming bird hunting day can be tailered to your liking and adjusted to capitolize hunting huns, chukars, 3 species of grouse, and pheasant. Your busy day of Wyoming hunts can then end over a fine cooked country style meal, and kicking your feet up at the lodge.

  • Male Sage Grouse left
  • Hungarian Partridge Right

Upland Bird Hunting Lodge Package

Includes lodging, cooked meals, transportation, the works.

  • 1 day, 2 nights lodging: $1250/person
  • 2days hunting, 3nights lodging: $1,900/person
  • 3days hunting, 4nights lodging: $2,650/person
  • 4 days hunting, 5nights lodging $3450/person
  • 5 days hunting, 6nights lodging $4150/person
  • Prices based on double occupancy,
  • Add $350/day for single occupancy

Grey Reef Wingshooting with options for up to 6 species of upland game birds including 3 species of grouse, 2 species of partridge and Ringnecked Pheasant. Big ranch properties with hunts for Wild Birds.

Video features Wyoming upland bird hunting for Hungarian Partridge and Chukar (Grey) Partridge with Grey Reef Anglers and Wingshooting being the featured outfitter for this episode of Wingshooting USA.

Wyoming Chukar Hunting

Season Sept. 1 – Jan. 31
Wyoming hunting of this type will challenge both your shooting skills and stamina as you pursue chukar on the wide open rocky hillside country of Wyoming. Chukar partridge are amazing survivors and they use the terrain to their advantage, often retreating to cliffs and rock outcroppings that are extremely difficult to traverse. Your success in these Wyoming hunts will depend on how hard you’re willing to work for it. Putting the effort in makes the reward that much sweeter, as a covey rise of chukars comes off the pointing dog. Chukars make a great all-day hunt, or can be combined with huns, sharptails or pheasants. End your day eating a nice dinner back at the lodge.

Chukar Hunting Wyoming

Wyoming Blue Grouse Hunting

Season Dates Sept. 1 – Nov 30
Blue Grouse hunting is as much about the setting as it is the bird. The raw beauty of mountain terrain filled with golden aspens set against forest green pines, crisp autumn air in your nose and sounds of bugling bull elk in your ears makes this Wyoming hunting setting is simply awesome. Blue Grouse are often referred to as ‘fool’s hens’ due to their almost tame nature when around humans. Place a hunting dog on the ground, though, and these birds take the attitude of any other upland bird, as they will run, duck and hold tight. For Wyoming hunts, the challenge of blue grouse hunting is the shooting. You’ll find yourself shooting as these birds rise and fly in, through, and around trees. For all thier down play Blue Grouse have schooled many wingshooters. Blue Grouse are a unique compliment to any Wyoming bird hunting package.

Packages and Rates are the same as mentioned above.Blue Grouse Hunts are an all-day Wyoming hunting activity, and cannot be combined in the same day with other birds.